What If Peeta was rescued instead of Katniss? What if Katniss was hijacked instead of Peeta? What would happen when Katniss sees Peeta again?

Read this Fanfiction to find out! :)


1. The Capital

Katniss P.O.V

The last thing I remember was shooting an arow into the force feild, then an electric shock throwing me back. After that its fuzzy.

When I wake up im in a dark, inclosed room. It takes me a few seconds to relize that a room cant be this small. Its a cell! I get up and look around. Theres only one place with cells like these...


"Oh is right Ms.Everdeen." Says a male voice. "I tryed to warn you, but yet again you set aside my warning." Theres only one person that voice can belong to.......

"Presedent snow, What an honor." I say. I remember saying that to him before, but now I say it bitterly.

President Snow smiles. "Oh no, all the honor should go to you, since you blew up my arena."

"I blew it up?" I ask, suprised. He laughs. "Dont try your games on me Ms.Everdeen...."

"I have a name you know." I snap.

"Fine Katniss." He says leaning in close to my face. I can smell blood and roses in his breath. "Remember I created these games, And I can do so much more. You will do what I say, and how to do it. If not, your friends in the districts will pay for it."

I swallow and he smiles. "Now, I cant let what you did to my arena slip away so.." He looks at the gaurds behind him. "Lets have some fun."

The Peacekeepers open up the cell door and grab my wrists, and force me to walk. I crane my head around to look at President Snow. "You can beat me, Torcher me all you want, But you cant change who I am!!" I scream as the Peacekeepers drag me out of the room.

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