We Know The 5sos Guys? This Is Before they met Eachother, Plus A Little Twist.


2. =Michael=

It was around 5:30 in the morning. My alarm constantly going off. Who knew beyonce could wake me up in the morning. Its the first day of freshman year. Today i lose all my friends and possibly the worst day of any freshmans life. I sit up and grab my phone from the end of my bed. I grab it and open twitter. No new notifications. I throw my phone back down as i get up and walk to my dresser. I look through my Shirt drawer. A nirvana tank top- with my diversity jacket. I Grab my pure black straight legs and put on my outfit. I run over to the closet and grab my red vans. I walk out of my room and head to the kitchen.  I grab a bagel out of the fridge and y strawberry cream cheese. I sit down at the kitchen counter and eat my bagel. by the time im done its 6:15. I grab my longboard and my car keys and head to my car. My backpack is in the front seat. I play blink 182. I decide on a parking spot. I get outside of my car and i head inside. I walk to my locker 181. I turn around to walk as i see some tall kid running down the hall way i couldnt help but laugh. I was cracking up. Then i saw him turn around. I kept laughing. He looked at the time on his phone. He walked over to me. I gave him, a dirty look. I opened his locker and put his books inside.

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