He Noticed Me?

MattG124 is Tammy's favorite Youtuber. One day while on Twitter she noticed how he, the very one and only, MattG had actually tweeted her back and followed her. They soon began talking, What happens when they meet up? Will it be love? or will it fall through?


10. Chapter 9: Tammy's POV

Tammys POV

We went back upstairs and my lips still tingled from the kiss. I want more actually. When we got inside he walked me back to my room. I walked inside and put the longboard against the wall. Matt was leaning against the door frame.

"So.. " he said looking at me. 

I looked up "sooo.." I guess we were both pretty awkward right now.

"Wanna do it again?" He asked looking down.

"Wanna shut the door and get your ass in here?" I said smirking. He looked up and smiled, then walked in, shutting the door behind him. He walked over to me and wrapped his arms around my hips pulling me close. I put my arms around his neck and looked up at him. 

"SO im here, the doors shut. now what" He asked sarcastically.

"Well. We could stand here like this for a long time, we could lay down on the bed, orrr  we could add kissing to either one of those options." I said biting my lip. He looked into my eyes and slowly started walking me back towards the bed. When the back of my knees hit the bed frame i sat down, Matt released my hips and i crawled up to the top of the bed. He followed me. He sat down at the top of the bed and i giggled while looking at him. I straddled his lap and his hands went to my hips again. He smiled as i leaned down and held his face in my hands, our lips touched and the kiss intensified right from the start. His hands were rubbing up and down my back, one of my hands traveled from his face to his neck. He licked my bottom lip asking for entrance and i let him in. His tongue was exploring my mouth, wrestling with mine and his hands were exploring my body. He broke the kiss and started to kiss my neck, sucking here and there, leaving hickeys. 

I honestly dont think i need to explain what happened next, but ill give you some hints; No clothes, lots of noise, and very sexual. you get it right? 

After we frick fracked we laid under the blanket cuddling, naked, obviously.

"Hey Tam." Matt said to me. I looked up at him 

"Hey Matt?"

"Will you maybe be my girlfriend?" He asked nervously.

"No wayyyy." i said sarcastically. He looked into my eyes and laughed.

"Awhhh you mean i cant change your mind?" He said, he knew i was being sarcastic, but he was going with it.

"I dont know. why dont you try" i said biting my lip. He rolled on top of me, holding his weight with his arms

"Oh ill succeed there" He breathed out sexily, I bit my lip again before he swooped down and pressed his lips to mine. After a few minutes of very intense making out he pulled away and fell down next to me."So. Did i convince you?" He asked pulling me close

"Im pretty sure you did" I said and kissed him gently. 

A knock at the door brought us back to reality.

"Shit" Matt said and jumped out of bed trying to find his boxers, which were somewhere on the ground.

"Throw me my flannel" i said once Matt threw his pants on. He threw my my shirt and i put it on, buttoning it up quickly.. Matt gave me a thumbs up, questioning if i was good. i nodded and stood up,the shirt falling to just below my ass, covering everything. Matt opened the door,

"It took you guys too long to open this door," Jay said standing in the doorway.

"Sorry." Matt said.

"You guys were naked."Jay said looking at me only in my shirt.

"Maybe" i said "Or maybe i just don't like wearing pants" I said putting my hands on my hips.

"I heard you guys fucking." Jay said.

"Fuck." Matt said

"Busted" I said. 

"Yeah. Now get dressed fully. Your mom called Matt. Shes coming over" Jay said and walked away. Matt shut the door.

"My mother is coming.. fun. looks like you get to meet the family" He said coming over and pulling me close, kissing me. 

"Oh fun." I said after we pulled apart. He let go of me and I bent over to grab my underwear and bra. 

"Nice ass babe" Matt said from the other side of teh bed. 

"I know right?" I said putting my underwear on and unbuttoning my flannel so i could put my bra on. "Mind helping me?" I asked and shed the flannel. Matt walked over.

"Which one?"

"Tightest one" I said. I could feel mats hands trying to work the bra and get it to clip, Eventually he did it and i turned around. 

"Youre so beautiful. and youre mine" He said adn took my hand, kissing it once before smiling and dropping it.

"Matt, you are so cute. stop." i said giggling and blushing. "Can you find my pants?" I asked and he nodded and started searching around for them. I put my bandeau on and he handed me my pants. "Thank you love" i said smiling at him.

"I wouldnt want you to meet my mom without pants on." He chuckled

"Oh shut up." I said.

"Make me" He smirked. I smiled and kissed him quickly, before putting my pants on and putting my flannel on, buttoning some buttons. 

"Is my makeup okay?" I asked him. 

"On point" He said.

"What about my hair?"

"You have sex hair"

"Well i will have to fix that, Lead me to the bathroom" I said and held my hand out. he took my hand and led me down the hall and to the right, the bathroom. i looked in the mirror, "This can be fixed easily" I said running my fingers through my hair to unknot it and then i threw it up into a bun. 

"Beautiful" Matt said. As the doorbell rang. 

"I got it!" Jay called.

"Lets meet the parental." I said walking to Matt. He took my hand and we walked out to the living room.

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