He Noticed Me?

MattG124 is Tammy's favorite Youtuber. One day while on Twitter she noticed how he, the very one and only, MattG had actually tweeted her back and followed her. They soon began talking, What happens when they meet up? Will it be love? or will it fall through?


7. Chapter 7: Tammys POV

~Time Lapse~

Tammys POV

The last two weeks was spent talking to Matt and longboarding and packing. Matt and i had gotten so much closer and spent most of the time just talking randomly about whatever, most of the time it got really deep. I had packed a weeks worth of clothes. and a bit more, because i want a selection ya feel? I had shipped him two longboards so I could teach him that and i packed my skateboard and my penny board. I had two suitcases and one carry on. Today was the day that Alyssa and I are leaving for different countries. Alyssa was heading off to England and i was off to Canada. 

It was 4 am when Alyssa and I woke up. 

"Todays the day Tam" Alyssa said from her bed. I flicked the lights on 

"I know. Im nervous.." I said.

"i am too. But hey. we should get ready. You want to shower first?" 

"Whose flight leaves first?" 

"Mine i think," Alyssa said sitting up.

"Im pretty sure, you have a longer flight. mines only like 6 hours."

"Mines like 10. so yeah. Ill shower first. When does your plane leave?" Alyssa asked me while she looked for an outfit to wear. 

"just before 7. what about yours?" 

" Just after 9. Maybe you should shower first" Alyssa laughed.

"I probably should." I agreed and looked through my clothes. I grabbed my red plaid button up shirt, with a black bandeau, and my jeans that were blown out in one knee and had a few rips on the other. I grabbed some cute underwear and a bra, placing them on my bed before heading to the bathroom

"Okay Lys. Im jumping in the shower now." I said and closed the bathroom door. I was gonna make this quick. I took my hair out of the bun and took my shirt off before i turned on the shower.i started playing my phone from the stereo. Once the water warmed up i stripped and jumped in, Shaving quickly and washing my hair. I had to leave here by 6 and its 4:30 now. Once i was done in the shower i jumped out and grabbed a towel and wrapped myself in it. I exited the bathroom. "Alyssa!" i called as i walked across to where the beds were. "Youre turn to shower!" I called and i saw her running in 

"Thanks!" she said as she shut the door. I dried my body and got dressed, leaving the button up un buttoned for now. I pulled on my Galaxy Vans and dried my hair, i walked over to where we kept the makeup and hair stuff, on a "Wall" in the "bedroom" I grabbed a cigarette and lit it up, smoking it while i did my hair, I just blow dried it so it wouldnt frizz and then put it up in a bun, some small hairs staying out of the bun, and my bangs. Alyssa came out of the shower as i finished smoking my cigarette.

"You should really stop smoking those you know." she said to me as she dried off and got dressed. I started in on my makeup.

"Says the girl who smokes them" I joked. 

"Oh shush." She said coming over to do her hair, fully dressed in a black Panic!at the Disco Shirt and black pink and purple shorts with ripped tights on underneath. I put on mascara and winged eyeliner on my lid before putting on cover up and lipgloss. Then i packed those into my carry on.  "Okay its 5, we have to leave soon. SO get ready, im gonna call Nick and have him drive us and then drive the truck back. "

"Thats fine. Im jsut doing my makeup, give me a sec" 

"Kay" i said adn walked towards the living room area, I opened my phone and found Nicks contact. i pressed call and it was ringing. It rang once.. twice... three times.. 

"Hello?" Nick asked sleepily

"Hey get dressed rally quick, im gonna drive over to get you, i need you to drive our truck back from the airport." 

"Yup. getting dressed now. See you soon." He said and hung up. 

"Im gonna get him. be back" I said and grabbed the keys. I shut the door and walked to the car. I started it up and went on my way to get my brother. It took not even a minute to get him, He wasnt outside so i rang the doorbell. He buzzed me in and i walked up. 

"hey" He said answering the door.

"Lets go." i said, he grabbed his shoes and keys and walked downstairs. He jumped into the passenger seat and put his shoes on. I drove us back home. I locked the car and we went upstairs. 

"Lys you almost ready?" I asked

"Yeah.Got your passport?" She asked.

"Duh. and my ticket. how bout you?"

"Duh. Lets go"

It was 5:30 and its gonna take atleast a half hour to get to LAX. and then 6 hour flight from there.  so much fun. Alyssa grabbed her bags and i grabbed mine. Nick got the door and locked it behind us. We threw our bags in the bed of the truck and i jumped into the drivers seat, Nick sat in the back and Alyssa sat up front. I started our drive to LAX.

Like I thought it took a while to get there. we got at the airport around 6:10. i have 40 minutes before my plane took off. Nick walked us in to the airport and hugged us both.

"Love you guys. Have fun. Message me on facebook when you guys come back. Ill meet you here with the truck. Stay safe." He said and kissed both our cheeks before taking the keys from me and leaving. We sighed and put our bags on one of those cart things. We held hands as we pushed the cart through the airport. stopping to get our passports checked and to put our luggage through the luggage check. Then we went through security with a few minutes to spare. We put our Carryons down and looked at each other.

"im gonna miss you!" She said and we hugged. My eyes brimming with Tears. 

"Im gonna miss you so much. Snapchat, Tweet, Facebook, Instagram. just contact me. Tell me how England is. take lots of pictures I love you" I said to her as we pulled out of the hug.

"I love you too"

"Flight 106 to London Ontario Canada is now boarding." announced over head

"thats me." i said and a tear fell

"Have fun." She said and hugged me again. I kissed her cheek and grabbed my bag.

"Ill talk to you later love. Promise. Message me when you land." I told her. She nodded. I took my bag and ticket and boarded the plane. First Class..


My plane landed around 5 pm Thier time.  I got off the plane and waited for my luggage. When i got that i went through customs. Once i was done i pulled out my phone 

T: Hey! im officially in Canada

M:Turn around

I did as it said and turned around to see Matt about 10 feet away, Jay behind him holding a camera.

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