He Noticed Me?

MattG124 is Tammy's favorite Youtuber. One day while on Twitter she noticed how he, the very one and only, MattG had actually tweeted her back and followed her. They soon began talking, What happens when they meet up? Will it be love? or will it fall through?


4. Chapter 4: Matt's POV

Matts POV

T: So i have a longboard with the design dedicated to you :b

She sent me a picture of her long board right as i got out of the shower. I smiled and wrapped a towel around my waist. I walked out of the bathroom responding to her.

M: Its awesome! Have fun longboarding.

She never responded to me. but i get it. she's busy doing her own stuff. I sighed and put my phone down on my bed. I grabbed a pair of boxers from the floor and sniffed them, not knowing if they were clean or not. They smell okay.. So i put them on and grabbed a shirt and pants. I put those on and grabbed my phone before heading out to the living room. Jay wasn't there so i assumed he was still in the shower. I sat down on the couch and pulled up Tumblr, scrolling through and reblogging some stuff here and there, answering some asks, basically just passing time.I have nothing to do now. 

"Matt Im going to go buy us food. Want anything specific?" Jay asked me

"Uh. Food?" i asked

"Specifics Matt"

"Mac and Cheese, Milk, Arizona Iced Teas" I said turning slightly to see him.

"Sounds good. Ill grab bread and shit for sandwiches too." He said and walked out the door. 

"Look at us being responsible adults." I told Jojo, who was sitting on top of the TV in front of me. 

She just looked at me. i sighed and returned to Tumblr. After a while my phone buzzed, a text from Jay.'Im at Starbucks want anything?' 'my usual' i replied. 

I must have fallen asleep, because when Jay closed the door yelling "FUCKFACE" i woke up. 

"What?" i asked rubbing the sleep from my eyes.

"How long have you been passed out?" 

"I didnt even realize i fell asleep." i said standing up to help Jay put the food and shit away. After that i went back to my room, with an Arizona, and laid down on my bed, blasting music. Everyone thinks i have such am eventful life, i do nothing all day. 

I was laying around bored when my hone buzzed. It was Tammy. A smile worked its way onto my face.

T:Hey Matt! How was your day? c:

M: it was okay. didnt really do much. how was skating?

T: So much fun! My twin brother is posting a video later on our official Twitter page. Check it it maybe? :b

M: I defiantly will. c: We should skype, maybe. DM'ing on Twitter is okay but id love to actually talk to you.

I felt so nervous sending that. Ive never been this upfront with a girl.

T:I'll ask Alyssa, You will have to deal with her if we skype.:b 

M: That is no issue with me c:

T: She said i would be okay, She will be saying hi though. So Add me on skype, my Skype name is SkaterTam123 Ill be waiting c;

M: One sec

I opened my laptop and opened up skype. I typed in her username, Once she showed up i added her, then opened up Twitter

M: Sent it c:

T:Accepted. give me a second to set it up somewhere c:

M: Just Call me when youre ready c:

I was so nervous for this. but i am so excited. I just really want to talk to her. Soon enough Skype popped up with an incoming video call. I smiled and clicked on accept with video. 

"Hey" i said smiling.

"Hey Matt." Tammy said., she was even more beautiful over the camera, and i bet 10x more in person.

"Hi Matt!" Alyssa, she must be atleast. She wasnt that bad looking,but nothing compared to Tammy. Behind Tammy i saw a bunch of other people.

"Im gonna guess thats your skating crew." I laughed out. 

"Yeah it is. Want to meet them?" She asked. 


"Hey Nicky. can you come here please?" Tammy asked the only other guy in the room

"Sure Tam" He said and walked over to her. "Whats up?" She was hiding the screen im pretty sure

"SO you know the Youtuber MattG124?" 


"Im on Skype with him." 

"Bullshit,show me." 

"Okay." She laughed and opened up the skype screen.

"Holy shit. Hi Matt. Im Nick."

"Hes my younger brother." Tammy said.

"Younger by a minute asshole" Nick said. "Should we tell the rest?" 

"If you want too."  I said shrugging.

"Hey, girlies, come over here!" Nick called back. The 4 other girls came over. 

"holy shit is that MattG?" A girl with white hair asked

"Oh my god it is!" a girl who looks just like her but with black hair added.

"We are such big fans!" Two girls said at the same time.

"Thanks it means alot." I said. 

"Okay guys. stop. Alyssa im taking this into the only room with walls." Tammy said and picked up her laptop and started to walk somewhere. I had a pretty good view of her boobs but i wasnt staring, i swear. She shut the door and sat down on... the toilet?

"Are you in the bathroom?" i asked laughing. 

"Its the only room with a door. we live in a studio apartment so the only walls are bookcases or ones we made. " Tammy explained putting the laptop on the edge of the bathtub, i think. 

"That sucks. Well maybe you should come visit." i joked. 

"Oh if i could i would. Id take Alyssa with me."

"Thatd be fine with me. Now, tell me about yourself, howd you get sponsored and stuff?" i asked

"I was 16 and Alyssa was 15, We entered this competition as a team and won. We started doing more skating stuff, learning more tricks and doing alot of stuff on different types of boards.We entered a Tony Hawk competition separately, and I won, Alyssa in second. I told Tony that i will only accept his offer if Alyssa can too. He agreed and we were sponsored, we went around the country to tour and do skating shoots and shit like that. We made a fuck ton of money. Every year we do something with him. and his company. But we are our own. We make money from our organization too. When people donate the company gives us half of what they donated. We raise awareness for them and they pay us some money... Now, Tell me about you? How'd you get to this point in life?" Tammy finished.


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