He Noticed Me?

MattG124 is Tammy's favorite Youtuber. One day while on Twitter she noticed how he, the very one and only, MattG had actually tweeted her back and followed her. They soon began talking, What happens when they meet up? Will it be love? or will it fall through?


3. Chapter 3: Tammy's POV

Tammy's POV

"Ready to go skating?" Alyssa asked dressed in Skinny jeans with one knee blown out and a superman tank top that tied in the front and fell to just above her belly button, which was pierced. She had her Superman long board in her hand and a superman snap back on her head. Her lip piercing was a superman one.

"Very superman today Lys" i told her putting on my faded rasta Vans and grabbed my "Fuck You" Beanie. 

"Well duh. Superman is the bomb.com. What board are you taking today?" She asked me

"No fucking clue. Longboards right? Where we going?" 

"I was gonna pick up some friends and go to the mountain right outside of town. " Alyssa said looking down. 

"Which friends?" i asked as i looked through the longboards we have.

"I was thinking like Sky and Jess and Luna and Katie and Nick. Is that okay?" She asked walking over to me and helping me choose a board.

"Yeah thats fine. which board should i take?" i asked her. We had all types. ALyssa had the type for speed, im more a tricks person though. 

"This one" Alyssa said taking down a custom board that i made. It was a board you could do tricks on and the design was MattG. Of course. 

"Okayy" i laughed. "Just let me send him a picture of this" i laughed and took out my phone while Alyssa held the board and posed. I snapped a picture and sent it to him. 

T: So i might have a board with a design of Jojo and the Bear antelope thing. oops? ;b

"Ready to go now?" Alyssa asked handing me the board as i sent the text. 

"Gloves man. gloves. and just be careful not to get scrapped. The first Aid kit is in the truck right?" i asked. grabbing my black gloves, Most of the time on this hill we need to reach the ground in order to help us turn, plus its fun with tricks. and if we dont have gloves our hands will get fucked.

"It is indeed. Ill text everybody, you drive" Alyssa knew i drove best. 

"Sounds like a plan" i said as we headed out the door. I grabbed our keys and my wallet. "Our Helmets are in the car right?" 

"Yes." Alyssa said laughing as we walked down a flight of stairs to our car. We had a black Ford F150. a few people are gonna end up in the bed of the truck. its the normal deal. When we got to the truck we put our boards in the back horizontally so they wouldnt slide all around, then i hopped into the drivers seat. 

"Whose first?" i asked turning the car on

"They are all at Sky's house"

"Makes things easy." i said and put the car into gear. It took us about five minutes to drive to Sky's house. When we got there i parked and honked the horn before turning the car off. Alyssa and  jumped out and ran up to the already open door. "Whose ready to skate!" i almost screamed as i ran into the house. Everyone woop'd and grabbed thier stuff before heading to the car. 

"Two people are gonna have to sit in the bed, just lay down and dont move around too much." Alyssa said. Sky and Jess jumped in without another word.

"Everyone pile in. Boards in the back." I said as i hopped into the drivers seat. Sky and Jess are sisters, Twins actually. Sky has pure white hair and green eyes, she was dressed in a grey CocaCola shirt and red skinny jeans with a black beanie on her head. Jess, on the other hand, has Black hair with blue eyes, She was wearing a black tank top with a lace skull design and ripped off jean shorts. Luna was a petite girl, the youngest of all of us, being 19, She has Blonde hair and brown eyes. Today she was dressed in a tye die Jack Daniels Tennesee Whiskey shirt with black skinny jeans. Katie was the new one to the group of friends, She just moved to California.Katie had red hair and blue eyes, she had her nose pierced on both sides. Katie was wearing a loose grey razor back tank top with black skinny jeans. Nick is the only guy in our group.. He usually films our skating down hills. He had Black hair that fell over his face slightly with green eyes. Nick is my brother, Twin actually. He was wearing detroyed skinny jeans with a Doctor Who tee shirt on, a Vans snapback on his head. 

On the way to the mountain Nick pulled out a pack of cigarettes and offered one to me. 

"Sis, want one?" He asked holding one up behind me, i could see it in the rear view mirror,

"Sure." i said and held my hand out, He handed me one and Alyssa one because she stuck her hand out too

"Youre gonna give me one too. Right Nicky?" She asked sarcastically as Nick handed her one. 

"Thanks Nick" Alyssa and I both said as She lit hers then lit mine for me. 

"How long untill we get there Tam?" Sky yelled in from the back.

"Like 5 minutes chill" i called back.

And as i said, Five minutes later we were at the bottom of the mountain, there is a tram thing that brings people to the top. We all piled out of the car and paid for the Tram after we grabbed our boards and got all our safety equipment on. The tram was only a 5 minute ride. Once we were at the top we got into a line and started our decend. 

(A/N: Video to explain the ride down because i cant explain it. Dont have to listen to the music.)


Once we were at the bottom we patched up whatever scrapes people had and we went back to Alyssa and I's place

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