He Noticed Me?

MattG124 is Tammy's favorite Youtuber. One day while on Twitter she noticed how he, the very one and only, MattG had actually tweeted her back and followed her. They soon began talking, What happens when they meet up? Will it be love? or will it fall through?


2. Chapter 2: Matt's POV

Matt's POV:

When i saw this girl on twitter, When i saw what she did with her friend and her's foundation to help Autistic kids get the help they need, i was actually impressed. I had an urge to get to know her. She was a skater. Her black hair and Blue eyes were the perfect combination, she was so pretty and just... perfect. I followed her and Tweeted her. She was a fan of mine, most of her tweets on her personal account were about my videos. She sent me a video response when YouTube still aloud those. It was pretty awesome. I DM'd her when she tweeted about how i followed her. 

M: Hey im Matt, obviously, and i just wanted to say that i think what you are doing is pretty rad and i hope we can talk? c:

She saw it right away and started responding, My calico cat, Jojo, came and rubbed her head up against my laptop. "Hey Queen Jojo. You think she'll talk to me?" I asked. SHe looked at me with her peircing green eyes and blinked a few times, "Yeah i know, wierd thing, but i really want to talk to her." Right as i said that she responded,

T: Hey Matt! I'm Tammy! obviously, and I'm surprised you know what i do! my best friend Alyssa says hi btw :b

i smiled reading the message. Jojo pawed at the computer and pressed a few keys.

M: zxsxzsxc <---- That was Jojo, but yeah i would see your tweet here and there and i decided to check out your foundation and its actually really cool c:, are you guys still sponsored?

My heart raced jsut typing that. Jojo looked at me, made a noise and then walked away. "The queen has spoken" i muttered as i closed my laptop , grabbing my phone before leaving the room without pants on, as usual. My roommate, Jay, had gotten used to seeing me in boxers. As Tammy and i kept talking over twitter i walked towards my kitchen, where Jay was, probably.

"Matt, whose that girl youre talking to on Twitter?" Jay asked once i reached the kitchen, our house was pretty maze like, alot of hallways and doors, i film Dare MattG's in the basement.

"Just a girl, why?" i asked opening the fridge and looking around inside of it.

"Cause shes fucking hot." 

"I realize this." i laughed and grabbed an Arizona Ice Tea.I closed the fridge and grabbed a pair of shorts that were hanging on the arm of the chair haphazardly. I held the Arizona in my mouth as i put the shorts on.

"Two words for you. Tap. That" Jay said standing up and grabbing a Monster energy out of the fridge. 

I laughed and responded with "Ready to do some dares?" 

"Not really" He said as we walked towards the basement stairs. "which ones do you have this time?"

"I dont know. i kinda got distracted looking for them. You find any good ones?" I asked walking down the stairs. 

"I got a few." He said pulling out his phone. Jojo ran passed us on the stairs and once we reached the gone Jay plopped down onto the couch and i set up the camera. Its been 3 years of doing these Dare MattG's. Once the camera was set up I turned to him

"Ready?" I asked

"as i'll ever be" He said and i pressed record.

"Hey guys! Welcome to Dare MattG that thing on the internet where you guys dare me to do somethings and sometimes i do those things you dare me to do...."

~Skip the dares~

"I really hate your dare MattG's Jay said as He walked towards his bathroom. 

" So do I. My subscribers are fucking crazy." I said going towards my bathroom. I had shit all over my face, it was disgusting. I shut the door to my bathroom and opened Twitter, Tammy and I had been talking the whole time. 

M: Brb! i gotta shower. Dare MattG Videos really fuck up my face. Ill message you after!

T:Actually, im about to go skating with Alyssa, shes been bugging me about it all day. ill message you tonight when i get home! 

M: Sounds like a plan. maybe we could skype later or something, only if you want too.

T:Ill think about it ;b

She said she'd think about it. oh my god. I smiled so hard throughout my shower. After the shower i shaved my incoming beard and got dressed. I couldnt wait for later.

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