He Noticed Me?

MattG124 is Tammy's favorite Youtuber. One day while on Twitter she noticed how he, the very one and only, MattG had actually tweeted her back and followed her. They soon began talking, What happens when they meet up? Will it be love? or will it fall through?


12. Chapter 11; Tammy's POV

Tammy's POV

I woke up in Matts arms, He was still asleep. I smiled and slowly wiggled up so my lips could reach his neck. I kissed his neck a few times, slowly, I could feel the stubble of beard on my lips. My kisses caused him to begin to wake up. 

"Baaaabe" he whined pulled my close and and nuzzling me 

"Whaaaaat" i mimicked

"Unless you want, to give me a boner, i suggest you stop"  he breathed out, taking the time to say his words.

"Well maybe you should wake up so I can kiss you properly" I said and nuzzled into his neck

"Fine. but only cause i want your lips on mine" He said and rolled us over so he was above me.

"Good" i said smiling. He smiled and pressed his lips to mine gently. I smiled mid kiss and he did too. 

"Good Morning sunshine" Matt said looking at me, his eyes still displaying how tired he was. 

"Good morning love."I said smiling looking up at him. he smiled sleepily and rolled back over onto his side. 

"What time is it?" He asked sleepily. I rolled towards the edge of the bed to find my phone, which was somewhere on the floor. i looked around quickly and saw the Vans Skating case. I reached for it from the bed, my arm barely long enough to reach the phone. I sighed angrily and grabbed my shoe and tried to pull the phone closer, it worked and i grabbed my phone. 

"Its noon." I said rolling back over to face him, he rolled around and wrapped his arms around me. 

"I dont want to get up" He said.

"You have to edit your video and post it today" I reminded him

"Fuck youre right." he sighed and kissed my forehead before releasing me and getting up. i smiled and followed. I fixed Matt's shirt so it covered my ass as Matt got a shirt on. He took my hand and lead me out of the room and down to the kitchen, where he grabbed his mug and a spare mug for me, and then grabbed two tea packets and put the kettle on the stove. "I hope you dont mind tea" He said

"I love tea" I said leaning against the counter next to him. He smiled and stood in front of me.

"Well" he said leaning in, wrapping his arms around my waist, "I," He leaned towards my ear "love, you" he said and kissed my neck. I stood shocked for a few minutes. 

"I... I...."


Hey guys sorry i havent updated in forever, school started up a month ago and alot went on, i have a boyfriend now, almost one month with him( one month is 10.7.14) Uhm, im gonna try to update as much as i can. but i will leave you with a cliff hanger until then. 

Thank you guyss 

Love youuu ~Kat~

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