He Noticed Me?

MattG124 is Tammy's favorite Youtuber. One day while on Twitter she noticed how he, the very one and only, MattG had actually tweeted her back and followed her. They soon began talking, What happens when they meet up? Will it be love? or will it fall through?


11. Chapter 10: Matts POV

Matt's POV

"Matt!" my mom almost screamed as she ran over and hugged me, making me let go of Tammy's hand so i could hug her back.

"Hi Mom.." I said. Tammy and Jay started to chuckle a bit. My mom finally let go and I reached for Tammys hand again. "Mom this is Tammy. a friend from America" I said. My mom turned to her.

"You are gorgeous!" She exclaimed and hugged her. She looked very shocked, i let go of her hand and she halfheartedly hugged her back. 

"Okay mom. Let her go." I said and pried my mom off.

"Sorry, i just like meeting Matts friends, he doesnt have many." She told her. 

"Mom thats enough," I said and took Tammys hand again. "Why are you here anyway?"  I asked.No one have noticed our hands.

"I brought you guys dinner" my mom said. "But i didnt realize you had a friend" Jay coughed trying not to laugh. "Are you okay Jay?" She asked, That made me and Tammy try not to laugh. 

"Fine. Im fine" He said

"Am I missing something?" She asked.

"Mrs. Gibson, Im dating your son." Tammy said giving emphasis to our connected hands,

"Oh." She said, her face void of all emotion, my stomach dropped, "Quite the catch Matt!" She exclaimed to me.

"Thanks mom. Can you just do what you gotta do and leave? Tammy jsut arrived from California today and is really tired." I came up with that excuse.

"Oh, yeah no problem. " My mom said as she walked into the kitchen and put a bunch of food in the fridge. 

"Thank you mom." I said and hugged her one more time 

"No Issue, It was nice to meet you Tammy. " She said to Tammy and hugged her. "Nice seeing you again Jay" She hugged him as well. "And Matt," She said as she was leaving, "Dont loose this one." She said. Tammy blushed and i did as well

"I wont mom. Thanks again" I said. She smiled before leaving and shutting the door. 

"You guys can go back to being Naked if you want..?" Jay said grabbing an Iced Tea out of the fridge and walking to his room. 

"Actually," I said to Tammy. "I had an idea, Want to film my Tuesday Video with me?" I asked her a smile on my face.

"Of course! Lets go!" She said and pulled me downstairs. We stopped in front of my camera. It was Monday, so i had to get this video filmed tonight and ill post it tomorrow. 

"Okay stand off to the side really quick. im going to introduce the video and then have you come in." I told her smiling. she nodded and stood behind the camera and off the the side. I pressed play. "Hey guys! So today is going to be a slightly different video for Tuesday. I have a guest." I said and leaned towards Tammy, she Jumped into frame and hugged me, 

"Hi Matt" She said. 

"Why dont you introduce yourself to the viewers?" I asked

"Sounds great. " She siad to me then turned to the camera, "So Im Tammy Hawkins, .Also known as @TammySk8Official on Twitter." She said to the camera, waving, a perfect smile on her face.

"So Tammy is up here visiting me for a week and I thought we'd talk about random bullshit with her in this video." I said. and turned to Tammy. "okay, im gonna cut this part out, but tweet out for your fans to ask us some questions. Ill do the same" I said she nodded and we pulled out our phones. 

'@MattG124; Doing a Q&A video, send me your questions with the tag #MattGQNA' I tweeted out, i saw Tammys soon afterwards. '@TammySk8Official; Helping @MattG124 out with a video, tweet some questions with the #MattQNA'  Soon enough the questions were filing in. 

"Oh! i like this one!" Tammy said showing me her phone, it said 'Whats going on between You and Matt?' 

"I feel like we should answer that one towards the end, its popping up a lot on mine too. But how bout this one?" I asked and read it to her "How did you and Tammy become friends?" 

"Yeah lets do that." She said, quickly kissing me.We turned back to the camera. 

"SO the first question is; How did you and Tammy Become friends?" I said Tammy quickly started to answer the question.

"Well, on my side of the story is he followed me on twitter and i fangirled because i have always been a fan of Matt, and so We started DMing and here i am in Canada with him." She shrugged and looked at me smiling. 

"On my side we have the fact i found this semi famous foundation for Autism, I did more research and it led to Tammy Twitter, I followed her and basically stalked her. Then we started DMing and now shes here." I stopped talking and looked at her "And now shes mine" I said and kissed her again.

"You better cut that out" Tammy laughed, "And this" She said and kissed me. I smiled mid kiss and we stopped.  "Next question is; How many tattoos do the both of you have combined?" She read off.  

"Well lets see, i have 4" I said and rolled up my sleeve to show them. 

"And i have..." she stopped talking and started counting, pointing to parts of her body. "15?" She said. 

"I think i saw 17." I said. 

"I have 17." She said correcting herself

"So thats.. 21? total?" I asked her

 "Yup 21. " 

"There you have it. " I said. These videos usually are 3-4 minutes so a few more questions. "Now lets get one of the most popular question, It comes in multiple forms, One version is "Whats going on between you and Tammy?" Another version being"

"Are you and Matt dating?" Tammy jumped in. 

"And the last version, "you and Tammy would be a cute couple, are you dating? I ship it." i said into the camera. 

"And he answer to that is." Tammy said. and then looked at me. "How do you want to do this? Kiss or? just yes" 

"Well someone tweeted me "If you and Tammy are dating, can you kiss?" So lets jsut say yes, and ill pull you close and then we will answer that one." 

"That sounds like a plan. " She said and we turned back to the camera 

"Yes," She said 

"We are dating" I said and pulled her close to me. "now a question i got is "If you and Tammy are dating, Can you kiss? " So since we are dating." I said and turned to Tammy, she turned towards me and she stood on her tippy toes to reach me, being that much of a height difference. Our lips touched and that kiss lasted a few seconds. We were both smiling too much to continue. We turned back to the camera

"Now this ends this Q&A With MattG" Tammy said

"With Special Guest Tammy" I said. "Remember to like my page on facebook, description in the description, Dont forget about my twitter, tumblr and instagram either. And my sure to follow Tammy on Instagram and Twitter" I said. 

"I will be here for this weeks Dare MattG" She said

"So make sure to leave questions and dares on my facebook, twitter, or on the comments here. Thanks guys! " I said.

"Byeee" Tammy said waving.I turned off the camera and turned back to her. 

"You are amazing" i said picking her up and kissing her, spinning us around.

"And you are as well." She said to me when i put her down. I smiled and grabbed the camera. 

"Im gonna be so lonely tonight" i faked sighed as we walked upstairs. 

"Who said you were sleeping alone?" She smirked grabbing my free hand. "Just let me get the shirt i sleep in, or i could borrow one of yours" She said to me. 

"You can borrow mine." I said handing her the camera and picking her up, bridal style. She started laughing as i walked her into my room. I kicked the door shut and laid her down on the bed. She took her flannel off and threw it on the floor, along with her bandeau.

"Shirt me!" She said leaning backwards slightly. I laughed and threw a shirt from my closet at her. She put it on and removed her pants. I took my pants off. I was about to crawl into bed when Jojo started pawing at the door. 

"Damn cat" i said and opened the door. "Come on Queen" I said and she marched in. I flicked the light off. 

"Shes cute" Tammy said. "And so are you. now come cuddle" She said. I smiled and crawled into bed, kissing her neck a few times. 

"Shit Tam, You have hickeys in the video" 

"Photoshop." She said sleepily. I took her in my arms and pulled her close. I could feel her breathing even out. Soon enough she was asleep. I smiled as Jojo fell asleep above our heads. Having her in my arms made me the happiest person in the world.

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