He Noticed Me?

MattG124 is Tammy's favorite Youtuber. One day while on Twitter she noticed how he, the very one and only, MattG had actually tweeted her back and followed her. They soon began talking, What happens when they meet up? Will it be love? or will it fall through?


1. Chapter 1: Tammy's POV

Tammy POV:

"Tammy! Tammy wake the fuck up already!" I heard Alyssa yell at me and then felt the impact of her landing on me. I groaned and put an arm over my eyes to shield them from the sunlight as i slowly opened them. Alyssa's Lilac hair and bright green eyes were what i saw.

"What do you want Lyssa?" i said trying to sit up.

"Its like 2. I wanna do something today. Lets go skating!" She said and jumped off of my lap. I sat up slowly and looked up at her, sitting on her bed.

"Give me time to get ready." i said standing up and walking towards our bathroom. Alyssa and i lived in a Studio apartment, the only walls being ones we made with books and bookcases that we made into walls by putting Ply wood over them. Most had either paint splattered on them or Longboards, Penny boards and Skateboard hung on them. The bathroom was right off of the "bedroom". I grabbed a towel by the door and shut the door, not bothering to lock it because im pretty sure Alyssa will get bored and just sit in here waiting for me to get out. I plugged the stereo in and looked at what CD it was, Bring Me The Horizon, good. I know what youre thinking, A Stereo? in the bathroom? But we like to shower to music. I pressed play and turned the shower on. While that was warming up i looked in the mirror, my black hair was falling out of the messy bun i had it in, My light blue eyes were surrounded by smudged makeup. i sighed and started to strip. I got into the shower and quickly washed up and did all of those girly things we do in the shower.

Once i got out i grabbed my towel and wrapped myself up. i turned BMTH off and walked out to the Apartment. Surprisingly Alyssa didnt come sit in the bathroom while i showered, and i saw why. Alyssa was sitting on her bed on her laptop, staring at Twitter.

"You are going to want to check Twitter. like now." she said once she saw me.

"Once i get dressed, chill."

"I will not chill because holy fuck! Just get dressed quick!" she said trying to contain herself as i went through my dresser. I found a vest button up that ombre'd from denim blue to pale blue almost white. I grabbed my blue lace Victoria Secret bra and the matching underwear and put those on under the towel and then i let the towel drop. Alyssa and i had been friends since i was 15, Im 21 now, so 6 years. Shes a year younger but it is okay, we are basically sisters, but we arent, just best friends. I put the shirt on and then found a pair of black skin tight ripped skinny jeans. I turned towards her as i put my hair up into a bun, then started to button my shirt. "Hurry up already!" She said basically bouncing.

"Fine fine" i said as i finished buttoning up my shirt and then grabbed my phone. There was a few notifications from Twitter. '@MattG124 is now following you!' my mouth dropped into an 'o' shape. '@MattG124 replied to your tweet!' "Holy fuck. Holy fuck. ALYSSA! HE FOLLOWED ME" i said screaming basically. she jumped up and hugged me. we both jumped in circles.

"I know!! i almost died. He noticed you" Alyssa and i go on eachothers twitters all the time so it wasnt weird. "He even followed out shared Twitter account." Alyssa and I were once sponsored for skateboarding when we were younger, so we made a foundation and shit and it got alot of followers.

"I.. WE CAN DM NOW. HOLY FUCK IM POSTING ABOUT THIS" I said and opened the Twitter app and looked at what he replied to, '@MattG124's new Dare MattG is My Favorite, Watch it c:' he replied with 'Thanks! Glad you liked it! Give me a dare and you can be featured in next weeks video!' I started writing a new tweet. 'Holy fuck @MattG124 is now following me. Dream come true!' i posted and right away he favorited it. soon enough there was a message in my DM's. It was Matt. "He DM's me Alyssa" i barely was able to make a sound. I opened the message 'Hey! so im Matt, obviously you know me, i just wanted to say that what you do is really rad and shit so maybe we can talk. c:' I almost fainted. i just. i cant beileve it. i answered right away,

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