Time's Ran Out

[This is set when all of the Doctor's regenerations ran out and he's gone. So most of the characters will be OC]

Many years have passed since the mysterious man disappeared. He's only a legend old people tell to children to entertain them. Only a few have lived to tell their experiences with him. Twins Mary and Mariah live in suburban Albany but what happens when they stray too far into the woods? Things take a turn for the worst that's what!

{CAUTION: MILD CUSSING but not too much}


4. chapter 3

Mariah and Mary stared at the knights.

"Uh.... Mariah... Mary. Purpose of this... Blue box? Um..." Mary glanced at her brother for help but he shrugged his shoulders.

They couldn't just say it was for time and space travel because then the knights would call them lunatics.

Mariah licked his lips nervously, "May we speak to the one in charge?" He asked. The knights looked at each other, as if debating his request silently. After a long minute, two knights grabbed Mariah and Mary, the others walked in front and some behind, towards a huge castle in the distance.


Once they got there, the knights forced them to kneel. On the throne sat a young blonde man, a long red cloak rested on his shoulders as well as a crown on his head.

"Sire, we found these strange people come out of a blue box near the woods." The knight, who the twins guessed was the patrol leader, said.


"Before they came out of it, we saw the blue box... Appear from thin air!" He exclaimed.

That got the young king's attention, because his eyes snapped towards him. "Thin air, you say? I will lead the patrol, we must search this... Blue box." The king stood and his advisors got out the way as he passed, the only one following him was his knights, the twins, and a black haired young man.


For over an hour, they tried to pry open the door but it wouldn't open.

Mary and Mariah sat there silently, watching in satisfaction. They knew that the king wasn't going to get into the TARDIS any time soon.

But something interesting happened, when the king turned around and was talking with his knights, his back to the door, the black haired guy they saw had his hand extended towards the door, he could be heard whispering something in a different language, his eyes flashed golden.

The door opened. "Arthur! Look, the door opened!" He said.

Arthur slapped him on the shoulder. "Good job, Merlin!" He smiled as he signalled for his knights to enter.

Mary and Mariah went in too, glaring daggers at Merlin.

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