Love and Revenge

[Red] WARNING includes: violentness, sexual language, and other things NOT FOR KIDS!!!
Allie and her friends were all talking when something comes up; do their boyfriends want them too make the ultimate sacrifice at 15? Find out in Love and Revenge


3. ZCHS/Sorry if it's a little riske

    Chapter 3: ZCHS


            “At school”, Allie was asking Jaclyn, “Really? School is the least of our worries right now.” But Jaclyn was sticking to her argument and just said, “Yeah, it’s all over the blogs, papers, and chatter. There are 6 couples.” Jaclyn was talking about lesbian and gay couples in their grade. There were 3 of each. “I personally think of it as disgusting, girls who kiss girls or boys who kiss boys, the world was not meant to be this way. Do you think there were gay couples in the 1800s, or up until about 2001?” “Well I think its fine, do as you want, it’s supposed to be a free country.” Their fight got raging and loud until a knock was heard at the door. Allie opened it and it was Ashley and Katarina. Jaclyn quickly texted Kenzie, Chloe, Cali, and Allie and told them that they were one of the 3 lesbian couples. They all nodded and then let Ashley and Katarina settle in for a minute. “These upper classmen can be so annoying. They won’t pass either of us in the hall lately without giving us weird looks, you know, because Kat and I are dating.” “Hey, don’t listen to them babe, they are just trying to figure you and Kat out, that’s all it is”, Cali sexually put in. “Is there something you want to tell us Cal” Jaclyn played along. “I was kidding, and you all know it. Ashley is Kat’s and I’m not even lesbian” Cali put in.


            The drama was really starting in just little groups of friends. When Allie, Jaclyn, AJ, and Ben met up the next day, the boys shared that some of their friends were gay. That was when Ben added in that Stephen had told them that he and Ellie had had sex twice in the past week. That comment made the girls cringe. The cringe made the boys ask if the girls were scardy cats. The girls just said that they were not interested in being teen moms. The boys just laughed. Did their boys really want them to make the ultimate sacrifice? Was sex on the list for their next dates? What were they to expect with it all hitting so sudden, was it as they thought it was?

A/N: So, 2 likes please, sorry they're short. and sorry if it is too inappropriate, you WERE warned.

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