Love and Revenge

[Red] WARNING includes: violentness, sexual language, and other things NOT FOR KIDS!!!
Allie and her friends were all talking when something comes up; do their boyfriends want them too make the ultimate sacrifice at 15? Find out in Love and Revenge


5. Sarah/ Best Day

Chapter 5: Sarah

We are in the basement of Jaclyn’s house. The world around me feels like it is spinning into a horrible vortex, I can’t stand it. “NO! we are over Matthew. I just, there’s someone else, I’m sorry. I think I like this person more than you. I can’t cheat though. He hasn’t asked me out yet, but he said he will soon, I’m sorry, I’m so so sorry.”


                        Later me and the girls were talking over our relationships. I told them who I liked, and it was that exact moment that my phone decided to ring, it was him.


~Text Convo~

Liam <3: Hey Bae, what’s up?

Me: Oh, nothing much, listening to that band where a member is named after ya!!

Liam <3: So, you wanna get some fro-yo tomorrow?

Me: Sure, that sounds gr8, what time?

Liam <3 oh, whenever, I was gonna ask  u to b my grlfrnd, now or l8r?

Me: Oh, later ;)

Liam <3: gotcha, c u l8r babe ;);)

~End Convo~

 I told the girls, they were SO excited for me that it was definitely worth it, waiting for hum I mean. I guess the news had already gotten around that Matthew and I had broken up. I was excited Allie and AJ were back on track though.  

            In the morning, Liam Adams and I were at Starbucks deinking Mocha’s. We were definitely bonding and having an amazing time. Being with him felt like the best thing in the world had happened to me. Boy was I glad I was with him and not Matthew, I mean I know that is kind of mean to say but, his character was not the one I wanted to be around. Liam is in choir and likes to play baseball, no other sports though, besides soccer. WE had this running joke that Liam Payne was named after him, just between us. I felt like world revolved around US, but only if he would… “Hey, Sarah!,” Liam dragged  me out of my thoughts, “I was wondering if you wanted to be my girlfriend?””Yes, Liam, I would LOVE to go out with you.”We then held hands as he walked me to his car. We chatted in the car ride to my house, but nothing important was said, all that mattered was that the guy I had liked most in my life had asked me out, and I had said yes, and we were dating. It was the best day of my life.



Hey guys! Hope you liked that QUICK chapter, um, so ya.

Jaycie!! <3

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