falling for you...again (calum hood fanfiction


1. two years after...

it's been two years... two whole years since i've seen calum hood. why do i even count the days? i stared up onto my white bedroom ceiling while resting on my comfy bed. me and calum always were together and happy. what happened? 

'stop thinking of him' i always mumble to myself. all that seperated us was an argument about something fucking stupid. he thought i was cheating on him with daniel, one of my three brothers best friends. he was taking me to plan a suprise birthday party for calum. he never understood due to the fact he kept saying he would never cheat on me and he never thought i'd do it. i never ha a chance to explain so i had to let him go.

'LAYLA, WERE DID I PUT THE CAMERA' my brother beau shouted, snapping me out of my trance.


Since it was hard to get back to sleep i jumped out of bed and walked out of my room then into the bathroom to take a shower. as i closed the door my phone buzzed with a message from... LUKE HEMMINGS? 

'yeah, lets hope this party is amazing, make sure you get cal wasted tho coz he is always talking about you know who.. his ex' i slowly mumbled to myself as i read the message. a few seconds later my phone buzzed again.

'OMG layla? do i acctually have your number still? well obviously but omg. btw that was meant for ash! i should see you at the party since the janoskians are are throwing it. cya'

what party? who's calums ex? he got over me? my heart kinda shattered there and then but i had to be strong. 

'what party' i sent to him

he never replied. mabye he felt awkward about texting me instead of ashton. i needed to find out about this party and freaking fast because im confused.


a/n let me know if i should make another chapter coz i dunno. any ways if you dont know who the janoskians are please please please check them out? love you guys xx

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