falling for you...again (calum hood fanfiction



3. is something wrong?

(this is now set about two days after and in luke (hemmings) p.o.v)

luke's p.o.v

calum obviously wasn't like himself. he sat playing love songs on his bass. really? love songs. the song he played the most was 'wherever you are' and everytime he sang it he concentrated on the floor and sometimes trembled on his words. especialy the one's that were the most affective. this boy wasn't the same.  did he know layla was going to the party.... of course he did! it's like he was... heartbroken all over again.  he missed layla. or was it the fact he was stood behind me when i recived the very questioning message from layla. did he think i was texting her? when i think of it this way he hasn't really talked to me in a while but for some reason in the back of my mind, something is tempting me to look at the message i received from her. was there more then one that had been sent? i left the games room for some privacy so i could check my phone. i clicked 'Layla-mae alexis brooks' but it was definatly more then one message. i mumbled the messages to my-self, confused of how these messages got here in the first place. i didn't even text ashton in the first place, but then i thought about two days ago. 


'when we walked in calum did some kind of weird jolt but i didn't think twice about it and kept my mouth shut as i placed down the maccas we had just bought on the table. there was some kind of awkward silence but that didn't bother me since im used to awkwardness. i saw my phone and picked it up...


thats it! calum's weird jolt was him putting my phone down. he was texting layla the sneaky little shit. when this party starts tommorow, there will be some way layla and cal will talk. the rest of the boys and the janoskians are gonna help. i think im gonna be the matchmaker like i was in the first place, but this time i have to do it again, and it will be a freaking hard challenge.


a/n hi guys! xxxx please tell me if i should carry on because i need to know! i will start updating everyday now i promise xxxx some people have been asking on twitter where did i get layla's full name 'layla-mae alexis brooks' from. sooooo brooks because of the brooks brothers and im a fricking huge fan of the janoskians (if you don't know who they are check them out) and layla-mae alexis because my sisters name is kayla-mae alexis bishop so i thought why not? please please please carry on reading and follow me on twitter please? @ima_crazy_mofo1   

love you guys xxx



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