the day we met

Klaus and caroline live together in brisbane Australia, and are getting married when something unexpected happens.


1. Chapter one




Caroline pov:

“Caroline Forbes!” my mother yelled at me over the phone. I had just moved in with my boyfriend Klaus. I met him three years ago at a night club for my twenty-first birthday. He hit on me with the oldest pickup lines I have ever herd- 


I was dancing on the dance floor while the lights were flashing and moving from corner to corner. I had my black leather pants and my black leather low cut shirt with my knee high boots. My long blonde hair was out and my nails painted with my favourite red polish. My dark eye shadow and my violet lipstick. A man with blue eyes and a black shirt that fitted him in all the right places with loose fitting jeans and a leather necklace with a wooden wolf that must be hand carved. He looked like a god the way he stood. He loomed over me and looked me in the eyes.

“Hey, um… some guys over there are making a bet on how dumb you are and are saying how sexy a piece of meat you are. So can I act like I am your boyfriend so they will stop? My father always taught me to be kind to women and I can’t stand the way they are talking about you! My names Klaus. If you were wondering.” He was really nice to look at. I looked at the group of men he motioned to and saw how they were looking at me, like I was a stripper at a strip club. I turned to him and linked his arm with mine.

“Yes you may. But no kissing me, we are not allowed to walk out together either. We are not a couple I just don’t want those men looking at me! GOT IT?” I spat the last two words out.

We turn to go to the bar. When we turn I see the looks on the men’s faces, they looks pissed as hell! Ha!


Klaus pov:

“Yes mum, I know-” Poor Caroline… her mother is always concerned about her wellbeing and will not leave her alone for a second. I get up to sit on the couch and choose a movie to watch. Caroline and I just finished unpacking and were so tired so I thought we could watch a movie and I would rub her feet while watching it.

“KLAUS!” I hear Caroline scream at me.

“Yes love?” she always hated it when i called her that.

“Are you putting a movie on?”

“Yes, what do you want to watch love?” I ask.

“Can we watch that Korean Drama you were telling me about? What was it called? Something kiss?”

“Playful kiss? Sure thing sweetheart!” I called back. I put the USB in the movie player and find episode one of playful kiss.


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