Pretty Hurts

love prophecy of drama and modelling. A girl who's a model is now thinking down on her self,what should she do?


1. Wonder Thinking

Tuesday sept. 2 #1 day of school


I woke up to screaming outside of my window on  the streets. I got dressed, and took a shower.

I started walking and was listening to "Pretty Hurts" by Beyonce. I couldn't help it but sing a bit.

A "popular" girl ripped out my earphones and said "Girl if i could sing id do it and so would anyone else, and look you don't hear anyone! So be like the regular people and shut your mouth." I walked off and kept singing, i knew i wasn't half bad. But did anyone else think i was as bad as any other tall and mid sized girl? Im going shooting ill talk to y'all when i get back

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