Perrie's Birthday with Zayn

Love Birthday imagine zerrie sex


1. Morning Love

My lips were pressed against her rose pink temple, as she laid her head gently on the smoothly sinked down pillow. One of her hand under the pillow and the other near her head on the pillow and her legs intertwined together, she looked so comfortable. I leant on the side of my stomach to face the back of sleeping beauty, and wrapped my hand around her waist slowly pulling her closer to my bare tattooed chest. I used my other hand to caress her naked thigh. Her hair was messy, she wore a gray oversized shirt, but oh how she looked good. I kissed her soft temple once again, but she wouldn't wake up.

"Happy Birthday to you, Happy birthday to you, Happy birthday to you Babe.." i sang softly in her ear and kissed the back of her ear gently biting the lobe. It was a turn on for her, especially when i would leave a trail of kisses from her jawline down to the bottom of her neck. I looked up at her rested face to see a little smile being born on her full pink lips. I rubbed my thumb on her cheek and kissed it. That's when she let out a little giggle and showed her pearly white morning teeth. She slowly opened her eyes squinting. Her heavy lids revealed big baby blue orbs.

"Good morning Princess," i leant up kissing her forehead and looking back into her eyes.

"Good morning Baby."

"Happy Birthday Babe." I said and she slightly turned around in the bed to face my bare chest. I used my free hand to rub her back in tiny circles as i let my chin fall on her scalp. With one hand around her waist, i pulled her really close to me as i started to feel little cute pecks on my nipples and my whole chest. A slight laugh escaped my lips and she used her two hands to set on my chest and close her eyes again to fall asleep in my arms. I kissed her forehead a couple times before slowly rolling out of bed making sure she would stay in place and wouldn't wake up. My toes had just touched the cold white ruffled rug, when i heard a sweet but tired voice behind me,

"Where you going ?" Her voice was so soft. I turned my face to look back to see a cold and frail looking girl who's lips were formed into a smile and who's eyes were closed. She was really tired.

"Nowhere, i'll be back just try and rest a while, last night was tiring." I got back on the bed and covered her with the thick white sheets. She smiled when i quickly pecked her lips and tucked her back in bed. The beautiful woman who was in our bed loved when i would take care of her just this way. I want the best for her and i always will. She spoke just when i thought she had dozed off,

"I want to cuddle with you." I did too.

"Babe, i'll be back ok? We have all day to cuddle."

"Alright." Was all she could say before little female snores escaped her nose. I walked to the vintage cream colored vanity set where my black iPhone 5 was still. I walked on the tip of my toes, though the floor was freezing cold because of the AC. My foot made a loud noise which i was scared that would wake Perrie up.

"Honey, you can make noise i'm not really sleeping." I turned around and she was still laying down covered up in the heavy sheets and compared to the bed, she was bare-able to see.

"Perrie, just wait for me in bed, i'll be right back in bed cuddled up with you alright?"

"Hurry, i'm craving for you." She was so cheeky. I heard her giggle so i giggled along with her and took my phone. No Calls or Messages. Everyone was probably tired from yesterday's party. I opened the brown wood two slider door and closed it carefully without making a sound. I was now free to walk normally in the living room of our apartment. The kitchen's glass window was big enough to light up the whole flat. I looked out of it to see that London looked a tad less busy than usual, but it was that lately since Summer is almost approaching everyone's in Vacation. I walked to the marbled kitchen counter where a beige tray was waiting for me to take it. I slide my phone in my black sweatpants' pocket and pick the tray who had oatmeal, cranberries, tea, a bio chocolate bar and a glass of orange juice. i wasn't the best chef but i would try my best for anything if it involved my baby. I got down the little kitchen stairs before reaching the empty and clean living room where i had to take something else. I put the plateau down, and slid the long white envelope between my two lips so my hands would be free to take the tray back.

Perrie's POV :

When Zayn left the room to do whatever, i kept thinking about how sweet and nice he was to me. First, last night he organized a party for my birthday, second, he sang to me and kissed me so i would wake up. There are so much things that he does to me and i feel like i don't give him enough in return. If He only he knew how much i Loved Him! Last night wasn't even my birthday, today is actually my birthday and it was planned that we would stay together, just the two of us. Earlier today when he woke me up, he kissed me and the spikes of his beard were tickling me. That was one of the things i loved with him. He was very man-like. I laid there in the bed alone wondering what he was doing, so i looked out the window but since i was in bed, all i had a view on was a huge Building. I tugged on the sheets and snuggled in more still thinking. My thoughts were interrupted by him actually. He used his foot to open the two-slider door and he had a tray in hand and an envelope in between his lips. I just want to kiss those tiny lips of his.

"Zayn? What is this?" i laughed as i sat up criss crossed and looked at the tray he sat in front of me.

Zayn's POV :

"Zayn? What is this?" She asked chuckling a bit. She didn't look tired anymore, she just looked hot now. More than before. I sat behind her on the bed opening my legs so she would be in between my legs while eating. I kissed the back of her neck and wrapped my both hands just a little lower her breast. She leaned her head back on my shoulder as i kissed the front of her neck sucking on some spots.

"Eat." I whispered in her neck.

"Baby, you're amazing. All you do for me is just so much."

"It's not over."

"Oh my..."

"Just eat. Come on."

"Alright, eat with me."

I went from behind her to in front of her toward the end of the bed, of course making sure i wouldn't fall.

"Should we taste the cranberries first?" She asked me while looking down at the platter.

"Yah.. Both of us." I gave her a dirty smirk before she used her perfect manicured hands to insert half of the cranberry in her mouth. I leaned above the tray and put the other half of the cranberry in my mouth making our lips connected. I suck on her cranberry a little before sliding my tongue in her mouth and feel her smile through the kiss. It's not even normal how i love her lips. She added her hands on my chest and me cupping her face in my hands. She lets go of the kiss to gasp for air and leans her forehead on mine.

"I love you my baby." She tells me, if only she knew how much i did.

"Forever will I babe."

"I'll let you finish your food and then i'll give you your gift."

"Zayn, this is so much i can't accept, all you..."

"Sh!" I put my finger on her lips shitting them close. She kissed my finger a couple times before snugging all the food in her mouth. We just talked a while as i watched her eat. When she took a spoon of oatmeal in her mouth. A little excess stayed at the corner of her lips. Before i or she could think, i was kissing the corner of her lips and sucking on the remaining food.

"I'm going to eat you!" She laughed when i let go.

"I'M going to eat you" i said insisting on : I'M.

"What you waiting for ?" she teased and bit her lip. I smiled and got off the bed leaving her puzzled there like a sad stray puppy. I walked to her side of the bed and got the envelope from the tray. I put it down in front of her and she looked at it weirdly before looking at me.

"i'll bring this back in the kitchen, open the envelope, you'll be surprise." I winked at the sexy blond.

Perrie's POV :

When Zayn left the room, i sure was puzzled. Maybe i should wait until he's here to check the envelope. He told me to open it though. Ok. I took the envelope in one hand and tear the top with my other. I pulled out two hard cover tickets. I read the tickets a little before actually realizing what was happening !! I left the envelope on the bed and ran to Zayn who had just put the tray on the counter. I jumped on his back and thank god he held my thighs from the back.

"Zayn !! Baby we.. we.. we.." I was too excited.

He sat me on the counter and turned around to face me. He wrapped his hand around my waist and came closer to me. I cupped his face in my hands as one of his hands started gliding up and down my thigh. We connected lips and he slid his tongue immediately in my mouth. Gross. I'm just kidding. I smiled in the kiss as he bit my lower lip and i sucked on his upper one.

"We are going to Paris !" He shouted.

"Honey, my baby .. thank you thank you so much !!"

"Anything for you" and there the kissing and making out started again.


After we finished in the kitchen, Zayn had picked me up and brought me to our room without breaking the kiss. He threw me on the mattress and i looked up at his abs.

"Birthday sex ?" He smirked. I laughed and nod.

That was all i can say.

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