The Magnificent Nobody

My names Bella Swan. I was born in 105 AD and am the rarest creature alive. I am a vampire and werewolf, an angel and demon, a mermaid and witch and an elemental. This is the story of when I moved to forks.


10. 9) Murder

Just to warn you there is a little gore in this chapter...

---------------Aro's POV------

"Brothers, have you heard from Felix yet?" I question.
"He's probably just taking his time sampling each nook and cranny of Anastasia's delightful vessel!" Caius replies charming as ever.
"Maybe he's just waiting to be the first person she see's when she wakes." Marcus says.
"But is it fair for him to steal her when the race hasn't even started, someone as beautiful as her should be able to make her own decisions in her own time." I inject with a smirk.
"Right you are dear brother, let us go down there and take her all for ourselves!" 

Me and Caius quickly speed to where we are keeping the dear child and Marcus trails behind moping. But when we reach the place we had left her to rest, all that remained was Felix's dead body, limbs severed and blood everywhere.

"What happened, did someone come and take the girl and kill Felix on the way?" Marcus asks.
"We should find them and kill them, it is against the laws WE made to kill any of the Volteri or towns people." Caius demands.
"Brothers calm, first things first... Where's his head?" I ask.

We hear a woman's scream and run out to see what has happened. We keep in the shade at the back, out of eyesight and sunlight. On one of the tall spikes at the top of our castle is Felix's head. There are crosses drawn on his eyes with blood and his head had been partly cut open to reveal a bit of his brain hanging out. Behind his body is his heart, stuck to the wall with a steak.

Both me and my brothers are lost for words.
"Gutsy." Jane casually says as she walks up to us. "But more fun for us when we catch up to this person."

--------------Bella's POV----------------

I can't move. I feel like I'm being weighed down by tons and tons of bricks. I can hear moving and cleaning next to me. Women and men talking and children playing. I must be outside as I can hear birds tweeting and a few horses riding around.

Why can't I move?
Where am I?

I try to speak to call out for help, but my voice is hoarse. I finally manage to pry open my eyes to find out that I am not outside, not in a room with delicious bacon or eggs. There are no children, no animals, nothing but the bare room and me.

There is a door at one side of the room but as much as I try to wrench it open, it won't budge. Until unlocked from the other side I find out, when a fairly familiar face comes through the door and stands above me.

He looks appalled. I glance down at myself and realise that I must look terrible. My white dress is now red, soaked with blood and the bits of my hair I can see are held together by big clumps of dried blood.

"I thought you were suppost to look better after, not worse." He laughs.
I'm shocked, how is he so mean, I'm obviously distressed and hurt.

I try to reply but all that comes out is a moan. My throat is parched. He begins to stalk me like one would their prey. I back up until I hit the wall of my little cell. How I wish that I was home. Wherever home may be.

He starts to place his hands on me, feeling places that are off limits to him. I try to resist but he pins me down on the floor and starts trying to force himself on me. I manage to squeak out "stop" but he acts as if I never said anything.

He starts trying to take off my shirt. He reaches for me, pulling me closer, making me feel excruciating pain. I'm scared that this may be the last thing I ever feel. His body on mine. I can feel him practically exuding lust. As a last effort to keep myself intact, I push on him as hard as I can while I close my eyes scared for what may happen next.

The next thing I hear is a terrible crash. I pry open my eyes one at a time. A name pushes it's way into my mind. Felix. It must be the strange man's though I don't quite recall when I heard it.

Felix starts to get up and makes his way over to me, hobbling unsteadily. His eyes are black. I shrink back hoping he won't make it to me. I was wrong. His hand cracks across my face, pushing it back with the force of his blow and causing my head to reel as it slams into the wall behind me.
Black dots cover my vision as I push myself up off the ground to face my opponent. 

I leap towards my victim scratching four deep scars down his face. He cries out in pain. Blood seeps from his wounds. It smells like an unimaginable, and indescribable sweet heavenly nectar. I feel the urge to taste this delightful substance and while I get closer to the source, I'm surprised I'm not disgusted by myself.

When I reach the mouthwatering aroma, I pounce suddenly taking Felix off guard. Every drop I steal from his bulging veins makes me stronger, the feeling of pure bliss builds inside me. When I finish sucking the life out of Felix, I pull away and watch as his body falls down to the ground. He is in an extremely sleepy, comatose state. 

I know that he will soon die after being like this for a while though I don't know how I could possibly know that. This means it's finally time for a little pay back!

I pull his arms out of their sockets making sure I cause him the most pain I can. I'm not entirely sure whether people in a coma can feel pain or not but I certainly hope he can. 

I reach my hand deep into his mouth and pull out his tongue. It feels so wet and his saliva is foamy. I stand up and crush his leg with my foot. I rip the other one off with my teeth. I feel the snap of his crunchy bones and the strange softness of his thick skin.

When I step back to asses my work, I begin to formulate a devilish plan. I begin by tearing off his head, then wiping some of his delicious blood on his eyes as crosses to symbolise his death. With my extra sharp teeth I slice the back of the decapitated head open so as to let his slimy, squishy brain to hang out.

As I held his dripping head in one hand, I reach into his chest and rip out his unbeating heart. I ran through the open door holding both possessions tightly to my chest, leaving a big blood stain on my now buttoned top.

Luckily I didn't run into anyone on my way outside. I run very fastly up to the tallest spike and ram Felix's head onto it. With some random wood I found outside I carve a stake and throw his heart and the stake to the wall behind. 

Before dawn rises, I set off in my journey to discover who I am...

Thanks so much for all the reads and likes and pushing me to update. 


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