The Magnificent Nobody

My names Bella Swan. I was born in 105 AD and am the rarest creature alive. I am a vampire and werewolf, an angel and demon, a mermaid and witch and an elemental. This is the story of when I moved to forks.


3. 2) A Miracle

When I got home I took a quick shower and to heat the freezing water up I asked Autumn, my elemental, to heat it up for me. After my shower I climbed up my stairs into my room and then into my bed.

A few minuets later I heard footsteps and my door open. I sniffed the scent; it was only Rosalie. I sat up in bed and waited for her to come up.

"Did I ever tell you you have awesome hearing?" she asked walking up to me.

"A few times!"

We laughed.

"Can I sleep over tonight?" Rosalie queried.

"Of course just sit on that couch."

"What couch?"

I snapped my fingers.

"That couch!"

We laughed again.


I woke up with Rosalie in my face holding my alarm clock,

"Wake up!!"

"I'll be ready in a few secs." 

I closed my eyes and two seconds later started walking up the stairs back to my room which surprised Rosalie.

"What, what, how did you get there?"

"One word. Teleportation."

We laughed which we seemed to be doing a lot lately.

"I don't want to face my family today." Rosalie said with a sad look on her face while a smile was slowly spreading on mine. Rosalie gave me a puzzled look.

I clicked my fingers then went in search for a mirror. In a few seconds I came back with a mirror and showed Rosalie what she looked like.

"I look like you!" She exclaimed.

"I know, it's so we can go to school and pretend we are twins. Rosalie still had a sad expression on her face. I listened to what she was thinking. 'I'd love to do that with her but I don't think she thought about my scent.'

"Smell yourself then!"

She looked confused but did it none the less.

"I smell.. Ugh human." She complained.

"Well you have to, to blend in!"

She hugged me,

"Your a good friend. And by the way can you read minds?"

"Yes I can, why?"

"I was just wondering, 'cause my brother Edward can read minds..."

"I remember, you told me yesterday."

I suddenly grinned at her,

"Let the fun begin!"

--------------At school--------------------

We both got out of my old Chevy and made our way to the reception. Luckily this time it was a girl.

"How may I help you ladies?" She asked.

"My TWIN over here needs her schedual, she's new." I said end enfasizing the word twin.

"Oo yes Miss Anabelle Swan, here you go."

"Thank you!" We both said.

When we were out of there we started talking.

"Anabelle?" Rosalie asked.

"I couldn't exactly say you were called Rosalie or someone would find out."

"I guess your right. Hey we have the same schedual!"

"I suppose we do."

We made our way to biology before Edward so we could sit together.


"Yes Rosa, I mean yes Anabelle."

"Can Edward like, you know?" Rosalie said pointing to her head.

"No I put a shield on it!"

She nodded.

Edward chose that moment to walk in and make his way over to our table.

"Who's this lovely lady sitting in my seat?" He asked with a slight growl at the end that no human could ever hear. But of course me and Rosalie did.

"This is my twin sister Anabelle sitting in her seat so if you don't mind we'd like you to go away now."

"Girl stealing bitch!" He muttered under his breath.

I listened to what he was thinking,

'Hmm there's another girl I can have my way with.'

I shuddered which got me a confused look from Rosalie.

I shook my head meaning she didn't want to know.

"Can we please put a hex on him, please, please!" Sabrose asked me.

I sighed "Alright but not to bad."


I let her take over and my eyes turned purple with a silver ring.

"Puerum posuit pugnat eum hoc facere ei puer dormientibus!"

I turned back to normal and told Rosalie to watch Edward.

He found an empty seat and within 5 seconds he fell into a deep sleep.

The teacher came in and saw Edward sleeping, "EDWARD CULLEN WAKE UP THIS INSTANT!"

Edward woke up with a start.

"52 sir" He said.

Everyone laughed but the teacher,

"Go to the principles office NOW!!"

Edward ran away like a scared little mouse.

Me and Rosalie laughed our heads off.

The teacher turned his head to us,


"No sir." We replied.


-----------------At Lunch-----------------

Rosalie got some lunch as I did before her and made her way over to her normal table but stopped when the all gave her murderous looks. I went up to her and pulled her away.

"Come on, let's eat outside." I said.

"Alright as long as I get away from my fa.. Them people. Who were they any way?" Rosalie said correcting her mistake.

"The cullens, I had to sit with them for lunch yesterday and.. And one of them said I was ugly." I stuttered then cried putting back on my weak girl act.

"It's alright, your not ugly, your beautiful."


When we were far away Rosalie asked why we got the food if we weren't going to eat it.

I replied "We are, try it!"

She hesitantly put a forkful (ha ha) of food in her mouth and swallowed.

"Wow, what is it?" She asked taking another bite.

"It's normal human food. But I may have used magic to make it taste like mountain lion."

"Wow this is awesome!"

"I know."

"We might as well skip the last half of school again so can we go to yours?"

"Of course we can, let's leave our trays here and go!"

-----------------At home------------------

"Cone with me into my training room I have something to ask you then show you!" I said.

Rosalie followed me until we were in a small room with a ceiling that was to high up for even a vampire to see.

"Wow this is a very tall room!"

"I know, isn't it strange that when you look outside this house looks small in every direction?"


"Anyways what was I gonna ask you, hmm. Oo yer. What do you want the most in the world that you can never have?"

This startled Rosalie then made her sad,

"I really, really want a child but as I'm like this I never can have one."

"Watch this..." I said.

She looked at me. I asked Abigail if she could transform and take over.

I changed into my angel form with large white feathery wings, gold eyes with silver rings and feathers in my hair. (The hair looks like what it does on the front cover)

Rosalie gasps and stares at me with her mouth open. I ask Abigail if she can perform a miracle on Rosalie and she points her finger at her. Rosalie floats up in the air and is soon covered in white sparkles. When she comes back down she is really, really fat.

"What did you do to me?" She asked.

Then suddenly she let out a horrifying scream.

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