The Magnificent Nobody

My names Bella Swan. I was born in 105 AD and am the rarest creature alive. I am a vampire and werewolf, an angel and demon, a mermaid and witch and an elemental. This is the story of when I moved to forks.


13. 12) My lord

----------Alice's POV---------

"200 children.... And who do you presume did this my lord?" I ask.
"I believe it to be a vampire named Isabella swan.."
"A vampire!!" I blurt out without thinking, "I'm sorry my lord for interrupting you."

He chuckles at me softly, "Pet you have nothing to worry about, I knew what I was getting into when I bought you from that horrible place you were being held captive."

I shuddered at the thought.
Over 400 years ago I got taken from my peaceful village by several strong men. They slaughtered almost everyone in my village and the ones they didn't they sold off for blood. But not me..

They said I was special and that special people should be allowed the privilege to serve the higher race as slaves. Not that we were allowed to decline and let me tell you we tried many a time- and failed.

They tortured us when we did anything wrong and whipped the rebellious thoughts from our heads. That is why I use the excuse that I have been in a mental hospital for my visions as an excuse even though they came as a gift in the future and not something I was born with.

Anyway they put me in a place called a pet shop and tried to sell me at many various auctions. No one wanted a scarred and bruised girl over the pretty, more submissive participants. 

That was until my lord became the first person to bid for me and, therefore, became the first person who ever wanted to buy me. And obviously he got me. He rescued me from the that hell hole and I have been in his debt ever since. And that wasn't all that he did for me..

He took me to his house and treated me as his equal. After a few months I fell in love with him. Call it stupid but there was just something about him. It was frowned upon for a human to be happy in the vampire community but he never hurt me once.

I thought once that he might have returned the affection I felt for him but of course with many beautiful women falling at his feet why would he have had an ugly human.

One day he asked me to fetch a human for him that owed him money. It was the first time he had made me do anything for him in the few years I had been his pet. I was both scared and excited. Unfortunately when I tried to do what he had asked of me I realised that I was under prepared.. By a lot. 

He came at me, the human did and, after my worthless struggles, managed to nearly kill me. If not for my lord finding me I would definitely have died then. He turned me into a vampire which made me more of his slave than ever. 

But it did come with one advantage. He was willing to try with me. It was hard at first but after a few years I got used to it and us. I knew that he was seeing multiple women behind my back but that never stopped me from loving him because I knew he would always come back to me every night.

He sent me on more and more jobs for him as time went on a and a few hundred years later decided he wanted me to stay in the heart of the trouble. Which also happened to be with his lifelong enemy Esme Cullen. 

She was one of the girls he was seeing behind my back and he managed to impregnate her. Don't ask me how. He didn't want a baby as he was still kinda faithful to me so he told her to kill it but she refused. 

She ran away from him for ages until he managed to get me to inject her with something while she was sleeping. That is why she lost the baby and eventually threw herself off a cliff. A bit brutal but who am I to judge. 

Anyway that was when Carlisle turned her into a vampire and became her mate. She never told anyone her real story because the thing I injected her with also caused me to be able to replace her memories so every time she thought of my lord she would believe he was a solider in the army who abused her many times.

So that's why I was sent to live with the Cullen's. To get revenge for him. And also to carry out his dirty work in and around America. 

Among his many gifts, he has the gift to take and give gifts. He took the mind reading gift from someone in Canada a few thousand years ago and thought this would give him a more useful asset. He also gave me the gift to communicate with him in my mind so that is how I can talk to him without anyone knowing. 

I saw a vision before I left of a man who could in the future harm my lord so I told him and he made me take him to the Cullen's to make sure that he doesn't think about harming him. 

I came up with the idea of pretending to be his mate. It's very hard but I just pretend I'm talking/ touching my lord and I pull it off.

"Tell me pet what do you know of this vampire?" He orders me.
I comply, "The last time I saw her she was human but I think I had a vision of her being turned by the volturi.
"You think?" He says looking amused.

"I'm pretty sure. It was rather foggy but I don't know why."

"Tell me straight away the moment you get another vision of her and try to focus in on her future."

"I will my lord."
"Good pet. Now how is little Esme doing.. And dear Jasper?"

I laugh at him, "Esme is still acting all sickeningly motherly and doesn't suspect a thing. Neither does Jasper but his hands are getting a little close for comfort." 
He growls at this which makes me very happy.

He try's to sound calm while talking though I'm glad he's not, "I'm surprised you've managed to get him to keep off for so long."

"It's not that hard. He looks tough but is really shy underneath."

"I've got to go now pet but remember.."
This is it, he's gonna tell me he loves me.

".. To look for Bella's future then tell me as soon as you find something. Anything."

Then he cuts off the link.

"Bye then. I love you.." I say to him though I know he can't hear.


Thanks for everything peeps. I might post a story when this is finished of Alice's story but I'm not sure. I'm not thinking of finishing this anytime soon so we'll see.

Anyway thanks to everyone who reads and remember to:


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