The Magnificent Nobody

My names Bella Swan. I was born in 105 AD and am the rarest creature alive. I am a vampire and werewolf, an angel and demon, a mermaid and witch and an elemental. This is the story of when I moved to forks.


2. 1) Unlikely Friendship

Hello peeps
Just to inform you I dont own any characters but Bella's mates so far
Although I would love to
Anyways I hope you like the story and this chapter

It's raining. I guess I'll have to get used to that now. I'm going to forks high school and so I don't get any unwanted attention I'm making sure I keep up my normal appearance. I have brown wavy hair and brown eyes. My hair has rainbow streaks in it. I can't change that and hopefully they'll just think I'm rebellious like teenagers these days. 

I'm going to school in my baby, a red Chevy truck. Im rich so I could have any car I want but you cant beat an old Chevy.

---------------At school-------------------

Theres the sign for forks high school so I pull in there. No ones here yet so I pull into a space and make my way to the reception. A man is standing behind the counter and I ask him for my schedule. He looks at me and starts drooling.

I must try to talk as little as possible as one of my siren gifts is that whenever I talk, any unmarried or unmated men will fall in love with me.

The man is still looking at me dreamingly so I look on his desk for a bit, find my schedule and leave. There are students piling in the halls now and as I walk by they all start whispering.

"Why are they whispering?" Arora my mermaid asks in my head.

"Their just being rude and bitches!" Ruby my vampire replys.

My angel, Abigail, whimpers at the bad language and my demon, Davina, laughs at her! 

"shut up!" I scream not realising I said it out loud and not in my head.

All the girls gasped and all the boys tried to look sexy. I laughed at them and made my way to my first lesson, biology.

--------------In the classroom------------

I got seated next to a boy, or should I say vampire, who's name was Edward.

I saw him sniffing the air trying to pick up my no existent scent which, obviously was no existent.

"Thanks Sabrose!" I said in my head to my witch.

"Your thankfulness is appreciated Bella." She replied.

"Bella, Bella!" Someone said which brought me out of my mind.

"Sorry just daydreaming." if I wasn't a vampire I would have been blushing.

"Alright, I just wanted to know if you would.. Maybe well.. Sit with me for lunch.. And my family.. Yer?"

I laughed, I had never heard a vampire stutter before. I wished I could hear what he was thinking. Then I realised I could read minds.

'Wow I wish she would be mine, she has to be my mate'

I laughed. Guess again loser, I've already got my vampire mate, my sweet Darius Heath. How I wished he was here right now.

Edward cleared his throat and I realised he was expecting an answer.

"Yes please I'd love to, I'm only new here and I don't have any friends yet and I hope you will be my friend."

"Ok i'll see you at lunch then!"

Then the bell rung.

----------------At lunch-------------------

I got my lunch (which looked like sandwiches but was really mountain lion meat) and looked for Edward. I found him sitting with some other vampires who I presume we're his 'family'. He waved to me and gestured me to come over so I did.

I sat down next to him and all his family were giving me the evil looks but I ignored them.

"Go girl!" Sabrose said to me, "Let's put a hex on them."

I just shook my head in return.

As soon as lunch was over I asked Edward if I could talk to his sister Rosalie. Of course she heard and tried to walk away but Edward replayed to me with a nod and pushed his sister towards me. I gestured that she should follow me and walked until I knew we were out of the hearing zone of the vampires.

"What do you want?" Rosalie snapped.

"I know what you are," I replied "A vampire."

Rosalie looked shocked then angry.

"How do you know?' 

"I know because..."

I asked Ruby to take over.

"I am one!"

My eyes turned red with silver rings.

She gasped,

"What, what, but..."

I smiled and asked Ruby to let me back in control. My eyes faded back to brown.

"You can't tell anyone!" I stated.

"I won't. But my brother Edward can read minds so.."

"Not a problem, stay still!"

I asked Sabrose to put a spell on Rosalie to make sure her brother never heard this in her mind.

Then I thanked Sabrose and became human again.

"What but your eyes turned purple then?"

"Don't say anything but... Im also a witch and there my witch, Sabroses, eyes."

"Wow what are you?"

"I'm a vampire, a werewolf, (she hissed at this) a mermaid, a demon, a siren, an angel and an elemental."


We talked for a while about my various forms then I heard Edward walking to where we were.

"Quickly, your brothers coming!"

"I know what we should do, I should look angry and you should start crying and we should argue. Also you have great hearing!"

"Great idea and I know!"

She smiled then started to shout at me.

"Stop asking me if Edward likes you cause he doesn't as your ugly. He's stunning and can have any girl he wants so why would he want you?" She shouted at me and even though I knew she was faking it it still hurt.

"Umm well.." I stuttered and started crying then ran off into the woods.

The last thing I heard was Edward giving Rosalie a big smack, which made me want to go and beat him up but I couldn't blow my cover so I ran home.

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