Just Another Fan

20 year old Nevaeh Ramos finally gets to got to Vans Warped Tour 2014 and meets her favorite band. What will happen when she meets five of the most inspirational people in her life, and one finds out certain things about her past?


1. Prologue

(Outfit: http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/set?id=72500821)


This is it.  The best moment of my life is here.  The solo started, those around me let out deafening screams, others lifted their fists to the sky and started jumping, some even crying.  All except for me.  I just silently stared in amazement from behind the barrier, my heart beating fiercely as if it were going to burst from my chest at any given moment, a small smile growing on my face as everything moved in slow motion.  A single jump from others around me seemed to last an eternity, screams got louder and more faint as if I were moving further away, the music got duller, all until he opened his mouth.  His voice burst through the speakers as if the angels themselves were singing.  It's a weird perspective to think about, considering he was yelling quite loudly into a microphone, but none of us cared.  We were having the time of our lives.


I balled my right hand into a fist, throwing it in the air as I joined the others, jumping in time with the ones on either side of me; everything started moving at their rightful speeds and the full sensation came flooding over me as if it were an ocean and I was diving into it head-on.  Everyone screamed along, some singing along off-key and out of tune, but no one really caring because we were all here for one thing that kept us all sane: Music.  I poured my heart and soul in to mouthing along, and by the last song, we were all sweating and out of breath, my heart pounding in my ears and blood racing through my veins from all the excitement as the last song of the night began.  The only acoustic song on their album.  This one he sung for, and I felt my heart stop.  A solitary tear slipped from my eye as I mouthed along, folding my hands over my chest.  This song meant more to me than anything else.  I felt as if this song was written about my personal feelings, but in all reality, a lot of people felt the same way I do, yet no one realizes it until it's too late.


As soon as the last note was sung, I pushed my way through the crowd and sprinted around to the back of the stage as fast as I could without being rude, sending apologetic looks to anyone who made comments or I accidentally bumped into.  Much to my dismay, there was already a long line in front of an empty table; friends, relatives, couples and strangers all holding their own excited conversations, yet I jumped in line as close as possible.  My heart thudded against my rib cage harshly, as I got so close to the table, I could hear them talking to the couple in front of me.  That is, until my interest was sparked as I could hear everyone complaining behind me.


"Out of my way!  Oh, get over yourself.  I've been waiting to see them all day and I deserve to meet them more than any of you. Plus, I can't be in heat for long periods of time."


"Why? Your face will melt off?" I snickered to myself and turned around to seethe typical 'Bottle Blonde Barbie' gaping at a girl, slightly younger than me, who raising an eyebrow at her. Blondie launched herself at the girl, my eyes widened and I pulled the girl behind me, instantly getting tackled to the ground as my face and neck were scratched with acrylic nails and my hair tugged from its bun.  Someone pulled her off of me and the girl I blocked helped me up and helped dust me off.  I smiled thankfully at her, pulling my bandanna around my neck and fixing my bun before putting my bandanna back on my head.  Sighing, I wiped off some blood from my cheek and looking up as I came face-to-chest with someone.


Oh my god...Austin Carlile...

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