Just Another Fan

20 year old Nevaeh Ramos finally gets to got to Vans Warped Tour 2014 and meets her favorite band. What will happen when she meets five of the most inspirational people in her life, and one finds out certain things about her past?


2. Nevaeh Ramos

Hi!  I'm Nevaeh Ramos, pronounced Nah-vay, it's 'Heaven' backwards.  20 years of age, 5'4 and a select mute.  An accident six years ago left me traumatized which in turn caused me to stop talking.  Many people, including therapists in the past, have tried getting me to talk, but to no avail.  There's many things in life I'd love to do, but for now, I'm a tattoo artist, usually working with those who prefer not to talk and get things done quickly, a daycare helper on my days off and I practice photography in my free time.  Most other adults found my colorful skin to be offensive and distracting, but the kids at the daycare love coloring on me.  I love lots of things, but am also picky and dislike a lot of things as well.  I love playing guitar, listening to music, writing, drawing, reading, cooking, and I simply ADORE photography and nature.  I'm a big animal person, so don't let me anywhere near an animal shelter.  You'll probably find me sleeping on the floor in the kennels with the animals.  I do have pets though.  A baby ball python named Belle, a mastiff named Bruce and an american short hair kitten named Jake.


I also have weird phobias...I'm afraid of clowns and any bugs except for spiders, ladybugs and butterflies.  I'm terrified of being alone, dark spaces and don't even get me started on being alone IN dark spaces.  Storms are the worst.  I love the rain and find lightning to be beautiful, but I've always been beyond terrified of hurricanes.  The last time there was a hurricane, I ended up crying, shaking really badly, curled up in a ball in the corner of my room, in the dark because of a power outage.  My boss came over to make sure I was okay, knowing how I am with storms.  I knew him as a kid, and we reconnected when he gave me a job at his tattoo parlor a couple years ago, so I gave him a spare key and he'll come check up on me if I don't text him for a while unless I give him a reason for not speaking to him.  He held me and talked to me to calm me down all night.  We ended up falling asleep while cuddling and never spoke of it again after that night.  You'll find out more, later on, but I have to go now.  Toodles!

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