The YouTuber

Katt isn't you're normal YouTuber, shes one of the most famous YouTubers. best friends with all the top YouTubers today like Joe Sugg, Tyler Oakley, Troye Sivan and many more.
what happens when Katt and her two best friends meet the biggest boy band in the world? or the one of the biggest boy bands this year?


5. Chapter 4

Katt's POV 


"right you guys ready yeah?" James asked us


"yeah boi lets do this" Kara said getting all competitive 


"ok, first one" James played the video and the 3 of us got ready with our buzzes.


*first song starts playing*



"HE'S A TRAP, LADY AND THE TRAMP!" i yell out over the other girls buzzers,

"yeah that's right, Katt 1 Kelias and Kara 0"

"yeas bitches"


*next song plays* 


"yeah right again, Katt 2 Kelias and Kara 0"


*next song*


"LET IT GOOOOOOO!!!! FROZEN! YEASSSS!" Kelias yelled over and over again 

"alright! calm it! Katt 2 Kelias 1 and Kara 0, come on Kara!"

"they are to fast!"


*next song*

"UNDER THE SEA, LITTLE MERMAID! i love that movie so much!"

"yeah, so Katt 2, Kelias 1 and Kara 1"


*next song*


"yeah, Katt 3, Kelias 1 and Kara 1"


at the end of the game the score was me 13, Kelias 10 and Kara 8. Told you im the best at this game, its just my thing.


"Well ive had a good time what about you two?"

"yeah real good time" they both said at the same time, then i said my ending that i always do at the end of my videos and i ended it. 


"Good game"

"yeah man it was intense like mad" Kara said while laughing. 




"I'm getting a skype call off 1D_1D? who could that be?" 

"a fan? anwser it!" Kelias said and anwsed it with out me saying anything 


"no way..."


"this can not be happening...." 

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