The YouTuber

Katt isn't you're normal YouTuber, shes one of the most famous YouTubers. best friends with all the top YouTubers today like Joe Sugg, Tyler Oakley, Troye Sivan and many more.
what happens when Katt and her two best friends meet the biggest boy band in the world? or the one of the biggest boy bands this year?


4. Chapter 3

Katt's POV The week went one fast, its now Friday and me and the girls are on our way back from school on your way back to my house. "Hey guys! the fist week of school over! and now me, Kelias, Kara and James are on our way back to my house to have our every Friday sleepover and this week its my turn then it will be Kara's house, then you get the idea." I stopped the camera and started walking again back to my house. when we 4 got back to my house me and the girls went up to my room and decided we where going to do a video on my channel, we are going do the Disney Challenge. My favourite tag of all, im the best at this trust me. playing this tag with Tyler last year and i won, off course. "you two ready? " "yeah lets do this shit!" Kelias yelled in excitiment, at the moment we got my camera ready, lighting sorted and the mic in the right please. we where ready "Whats up you guyssss?! im Katt Smith and today im with the two bestest people in the world........." i look over at Kelias and Kara, they have been practising this all day because we all wanted to do this challenge sooo badly. "Kelias Parry" "and Kara Williams" "and today, we are going to see who knows disney the best with..." we all yell together, "THE DISNEY CHALLENGE!" I get the YouTube video we where going to use for our challenge. "right the rules of the game is, we have 20 seconds a song. and we all have different buzzers so we know who does the first buzz and whatever. i did this challenge with the one, the only Tyler Oakley. and i won so i think I'm going to win" "in your dreams! I know Disney from the back of my hand mate! frozen better be on this i swear to god!" Kelias said pointing her finger at me. "I don't know what's on this so its going to be a suprise for everyone so calm it man!" i said, "lets start shall we?" I asked my brother to do the songs for us, he pressed play and we started. my the game begin......
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