The YouTuber

Katt isn't you're normal YouTuber, shes one of the most famous YouTubers. best friends with all the top YouTubers today like Joe Sugg, Tyler Oakley, Troye Sivan and many more.
what happens when Katt and her two best friends meet the biggest boy band in the world? or the one of the biggest boy bands this year?


2. Chapter 1

Katt's POV


"SHUT THE FUCK UP!" I yelled over my alarm. School has started again, best day of my life -_-

I fell out of bed like I do every morning and got my vloging  camera from the other side of my room, I've promised my viewers I will start vlogging my school days, I started the camera and stared my day.

"Good morning everyone! I know I look like a zombie at the moment but I'm going to get changed in to my school uniform in a minute, but now im going for a shower and talk to you guys in a bit"

I stopped the camera and put it back in its spot, I got in the shower. letting the water run down my body, I don't want to get out.

after 15 minutes I got out and out my school uniform on and stared to dry my hair.

* after the hair and makeup things*

"hi guys! now I'm not looking like I've been pulled out a bush backwards, I'm all ready for 6 form! I'm a bit existed to see my friends that I haven't seen since school finished 6 weeks ago, but not existed to see the teachers, homework and walking and getting up."

I turn the camera off and went down stairs for some food. when I got down I already see my younger brother James eating like there is no tomorrow. He's such a pig, I turn my camera on and point it at him

"And this is James is his natural habitat, half boy half pig."

"shut it Katt! I'm hungry, I haven't eaten since last night!"

"Sooooo your half pig half fat boy?" I said as I got some bread out and put it in the toaster. I looked back at James, he wasn't eating anymore.

"come on kid I was joking, you need to eat. big day for you pal" it was his first day of high school. He's not the type to go out and meet new people, he will stay quiet till someone comes to him.

"you better make friends today ok? I don't want you to be a loner"

"yeah I will alright! just leave me alone Katt"

"ok moody!"

I walked out the kitchen to the living room, still recording.

"hey if any of you viewers are starting in my school today, could you be friends with my brother? thanks" I turned it off, got my bag also did James and we walked to the bus stop. I know what your thinking, 'why don't you have a car yet?!' well I'm having my test soon so back off.




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