Aubree's Mom

I'm Chelsea Houska. You will all know me from starring on 16 and Pregnant and Teen Mom 2, but not everything about my life is mentioned on the shows. I got pregnant the year I turned 18 and it was a struggle as my daughters father, Adam wouldn't commit to parenthood although he tried to make it look like he was interested and trying to keep up school as well a being pregnant. This is my story about going through struggles with my daughters dad and being Aubree's mom.


9. What doesn't kill you, makes you stronger

It's been a week since Adam bailed on Aubree's softball game and I'm at my dad's, talking to Rita about Adam. I tell her about him turning up late to the game, turning up when it had finished and about how I keep falling back in to his arms after her makes me feel like something in the bottom of his shoe. She is pretty easy to talk to when it comes to things like this, she understands like she's my actual mom.  I head of to the mall with Aubree to spend some of my vouchers, of course some of them on her. I buy myself a denim jacket, denim shirt, leather pants, a few shirts and some new underwear from Victoria's Secret, buying Aubree half of the disney store and  some new clothes from JC Penney for school as well as normal clothes. We go home and she unpacks her clothes and toys, helping me when she finishes her own presents. After having dinner along with Megan and Hunter, we watch frozen together before she heads of to bed, as she fell asleep during the movie so I had to carry her!  After catching up on some of my tv shows, I head to bed to as I'm working tommorow, again!


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