Aubree's Mom

I'm Chelsea Houska. You will all know me from starring on 16 and Pregnant and Teen Mom 2, but not everything about my life is mentioned on the shows. I got pregnant the year I turned 18 and it was a struggle as my daughters father, Adam wouldn't commit to parenthood although he tried to make it look like he was interested and trying to keep up school as well a being pregnant. This is my story about going through struggles with my daughters dad and being Aubree's mom.


7. The Aftermath

Its the day after my birthday and Aubree and I are tired within our lives. We spent a long time out last night as after everyone went home, Megan, Aubree, Hunter and I stayed out together and went to Megan's house. We got up at 11 o'clock and I had to head to work for twelve so I dropped of Aubree with my mom.  I did a few tanning sessions, about 10 facials and treatments, a few biogenie treatments and about 3 bridal call outs before it turned 6:30 and the spa closed.  I locked up at work before heading for a quick bite to eat with my friend from the high school softball team before heading to pick up Aubree, as she was having dinner with mom. When I arrive at moms, Aubree looks like she had a good day as she painted with Braylee and Malea, drew a picture of me and made cookies, one saying 'happy birthday Mommy'. We grabbed a couple of cookies from mom, as she made about 2 batches, and got Aubree's pictures so I could stick them on the fridge, and we headed home. My house was quite a mess as I hadn't cleaned up my bags of gifts from mom, dad, Aubree, my work colleagues, my friends and my boss yet. I put Aubree in the bath with her favourite bubble bath and let her play after washing her hair before getting her out, putting her into her pink PJs and drying her hair before we read a story and she went to bed. The aftermath is always the worst, every year.

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