Aubree's Mom

I'm Chelsea Houska. You will all know me from starring on 16 and Pregnant and Teen Mom 2, but not everything about my life is mentioned on the shows. I got pregnant the year I turned 18 and it was a struggle as my daughters father, Adam wouldn't commit to parenthood although he tried to make it look like he was interested and trying to keep up school as well a being pregnant. This is my story about going through struggles with my daughters dad and being Aubree's mom.


8. How do you do it?

At work today, I got a text from Adam about Aubree's softball game next week. I wasn't exactly happy because he was trying to get out of it like he trys to do all the time. I understand that he has another baby and a girlfriend to provide for and look after, but he needs to act more responsible for Aubree's sake. I called my dad on my break and spoke to him about the text. He told me, as always, to ignore him and don't let it get to me but its not that easy as he's always going to be in my life whilst Aubree is in it. After work (which finishes at four today), I go to my dads to talk as Aubree is with Adam and his girlfriend, Taylor for dinner (he came for her before I left for work). He says once again that it was his fault that our relationship didn't work out and we were doomed from day one, but I can't help but feel that I should let it go and expect him to turn up next time. I just don't know how he does it? How he draws me back in after being an idiot again? How I let him back into Aubree and I's life after what he did after her birth? I'm so stupid sometimes. 

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