Just Our Job

Sunny Los Angeles. Home to hot young adults, stretching, sandy beaches, million dollar beach houses, designer shops and Hollywood celebrities. It is the epitome of luxury living.

But every city has its secrets.

Drugs, murder, theft, scheming: the beginning of a mile-long list of what goes on beyond public view.

Welcome to our life.

This is the world we live in. The world where we can only make our fortune by conning others out of their riches. Where brothers turn on fathers for a few extra pills. Where life-long friends would murder each other in cold blood for the sake of their own reputation.

Isn't so perfect after all, huh?



So, this is the first story my best friend Lizzie and I have ever wrote together. We're both into crime and theft so we decided to write this. The chapters will switch between 'Lizzie's POV' and 'Erin's POV'. I write all 'Erin's POV' chapters and Lizzie writes all of 'Lizzie's POV' chapters, if that isn't already completely obvious.

Hope you enjoy it and don't forget to like, favourite, comment and fan us! It really means a lot.





This story is based off of this character I invented a while ago. I liked the idea of a criminal as the main protagonist, and so i started coming up with these little scenarios that the character would find herself facing, like heists or robberies or murders.. you know, the usual stuff.

 When I told my friend Erin about the stories I was making we decided to make her a character also. These characters are based on ourselves. (not that we rob banks or anything) For example the characters look like us and talk like us, they are the same height as us and they dress like us, you know what i mean right? Not to mention that we have the same names.

Anyway i hope you enjoy the story, and please feel free to fan us and comment anything you'd like to have happen during the story!



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