My Sexy Teacher

Hinata is a teacher, and Naruto asks for a little tutoring, something unexpected happens and they end up falling in love.


1. Naruto Needs Help

What if that person is injured beyond repair and will most likely die would it be ok to leave them behind and finish the mission?"

"Well actually Karimre no if your commrad falls in battle you must do everything in your power to get them to safety no matter the cost.", Hinata Hyuuga replied to one of the students in the group of kunoichi she was teaching. "All right everyone outside and work on target practice, you have....1 hour", she said as she glanced at the clock. As all the students ran out, she ran to her desk an pulled out a little mirror examining herself. Why? Well no reason excatly except for the fact that Naruto her long time secret love wanted to talk to her today durring her break he said that it was important so what was she supposed to think? She let out a long sigh and thought, 'Just calm down Hina he just wants to talk...dont stutter and dont faint...perfect'.

"OI HINATA", was she heard as, orange,black,and blonde crashed into her desk.

"Ano...Naruto-kun are you okay?",she asked as he quickly recovered and sat cross-legged on the floor.

"Eh Im fine", he replied rubbing the back of his head habitly., Anyway Hinata look this is kinda embarrissing but um......I sorta kind need you to....well t-t-tutor me on chakra control 'cause I have this new jutsu and me pleaswe" -insert sad puppy-dog eyes here-.

Hinata was shocked to say the least, not only did Naruto need help with something but he was asking her for help off all people HER!!! "Ano Naruto-kun are you sure wouldn't you want someone stronger like your gir-..., like Sakura?", she replied not being able to refer to .:the banshee.: as his 'girlfriend' it just hurt way to much.

"Well Sakura is just good with physical strenght but you are good with chakra control and ...uh stuff.", he said in a matter-of-a-fact tone.

"Well then I'd love to help Naruto-kun, when and where?"

"Uh how about tommorow morning since its Saturday?"

"That would be fine I'll be by at 9:00 sharp."

"Great... oh and Hinata could I have your cell number?" [A/N yes my characters have cellies :)]

"Sure Naruto-kun I'ts 891-556-6565."

"All righty then", Naruto said as he took a picture of Hinata. "Mines is 819-456-5642."

"Got it", she replied as she stored the picture of Naruto in her blackberry.

"So Hinata watcha been up to?, he asked as he got up and sat on a nearby desk top.

"Well as you know every sinse my father disowned me I began teaching, and Im really loving it its nice to not live with the person thats constantly putting you down; Im enjoying my 'freedom so to speak.'', she replied as she sat in the closest desk near him.

"Hm, well Im okay too, everythings great...except for with Sakura she is always hitting me for something...heh some girlfriend huh...."

"O she okay with this?", she asked getting upset with the mention of her name.

"Well I guess so she really didn't say anything about it when I told her.", he said as he shrugged.

"O then tha-"...she was interrupted by a gurgling noise.

"Oi sorry Hinata guess Im kinda hungry", he laughed as he rubbed his stomach." How 'bout I stop bye Itchirakus' real quick and bring us back something to eat?"

"Um...sure Naruto-kun, she glanced at the clock, but hurry we only have about 35 minutes left before the students come back in"

"No worries I'll be back before you count to 500", he said running out the door. And he was right, Hinata was on 234 when he ran back in the room with two bowls of ramen in hand. He walked over and sat one on Hinata's desk and one on his before sitting back down.

"Thank you Naruto-kun."

"O no problem Hmmnata.", he replied as he begin downing all his ramen. Hinata had just begun, when he finished.

"Aren't you fast.", she giggled.

"Huh O yeah sure.", he said as he had his back turned to her doing something with his cell phone, though Hinata couldnt see what he was doing. And before she could say anything her phone begin to ringing. It was a text from Naruto:

'hey hinata peek-a-boo i c u lol', she glanced at him when she was done reading and giggled, he returned the then turned around in her seat and began texting him back.

[A/N this little part will be mostly texing, starting with Hinata]

H-ur weird lol'
N-and so wat u guys still lik me XD'
H-so true-
N-the sky is blue-
H-uh yea i noticed dat-
H-uh yea meow'
N-grrrrr i bite-
N-lol jus messin wit ya-
H-lololol ur a mess-
N-lololol ur sexy =^_^= H-yea but not as hot as your gf'
N-tch i beg 2 differ iv seen u witout yo jacket on your body spells out S-E-X-Y-

Hinata let out a small 'eep'and looked over at him.
"Well lm just saying Hinata", he said as he began laughing furiosly as she turned 19 different shades of red.

"Thats not funny Naruto-kun"yelled as she got up and sat their bowls on her desk.

"Uh actually it was pretty funny but I gotta split got to go take Sakura somwhere."

"O ok bye Naruto-kun", she replied, visibly upset.

"What I dont get a hug from you?", he asked pretending to be heartbroken.

"O of course", she wrapped their arms around eachother, they stood like this for a couple of seconds and they each pulled back slightly and looked at eachother. They only stared into eachothers eyes for a second before they leaned in and let their lips touch. Naruto not thinking about what he was doing licked her bottom lip asking for permission to enter she granted it only to happily. Their tongues began to fight for domanice, as he pulled her closer...then if it couldnt happen at a worser time the students burst in the room,they pulled away quickly and realization hit them like a ton of bricks.

'Sorry', Naruto mouthed as he ran out. Lucky for them no one saw them... at least thats what they thought....

Hinata had just made it home from work. She lied down in her bed and began thinking about what happened today with her and Naruto. 'Oh my Kami l cant believe i did that to Naruto-kun he probally hates me now ugh lm so damn stupid kissing him like that he was probally just caught up in the moment he all ready has a girlfriend Sakura,so what if her chest is as flat as a ten year old boy and Im racked with double D's Naruto likes her, so what if I have more ass and hips then her, it doesnt matter Naruto likes her,so what if I have long silky Indigo colored hair and hers is short and ruff, Naruto likes her not what if I love him and shes just using him as a rebound for Sasuke and Naruto knows it doesnt matter...he likes her not me. With her last thought she let her tears flow as she barried her head and thought about rather she should still go over tommorow..yes she would even if only to apologize, and if he accepted she would tutor him. She sat up in her bed and looked at her ceiling "O Kami-sama why do you hate me so?"....


"I'ts not true Sakura!", Naruto shouted as he dodged a barrage of household items coming from his violent girlfriend.

"Oh so a random girl is just lying about you kissing that bitch Hinata, who just so happens to be in her class, YOU LYING TEME''she yelled back throwing the nearest object

"Thats not what happened I just went over to her class to ask if she could tutor on chakra control so l can learn this new jutsu!"




"Excuse me?"

"You heard me I said NO!!!" I DON'T WANT HER OVER HERE DO YOU UNDERSTAND ME!?!?!?!"

"Sakura.... get out lm sorry but you dont control me or my life and plus this is MY house l can have whoever l want over and thats it please leave Sakura...l'll talk to you later.'', he said trying to control his unleashed anger.

"Whatever", she mummered as she walked out the door.

''Haha nice girl ya got there kit shes a keeper,he laughed as Naruto got startled by his voice.

"Whatever fox."

"All right come on kit get real... we both know that you like purple-eyes, why dont you just take her into your room when she comes over tommorow and 'make' her scream your name.''

"Shut up I DONT like her like that we are just friends!"

"Yeah because what you guys did earlier is what 'friends' do cut the chit-chat, you know you just wanna fuck the shit out of her and then some.",Kyuubi cooed.

Naruto blushed a deep red....he just hated it when the fox was write."Grrrr shut-up me And Hinata-chan are just friends nothing more we....just got caught up in the moment as all,... and her name is Hinata-chan not 'purple eyes' , he yelled at the fox.

"Oh l didnt mean to insult 'Hinata-chan.", the biju laughed out loud.

"Shit when then I start calling her that"

"Why dont you do this with 'Hinata-chan', Kyuubi laughed as he showed Naruto an image of Hinata underneath him screaming his name as he fucked her.

Poor Naruto went on hard as he ran to take a very very cold shower. And sadly it didnt help. Naruto stepped out of the shower still hard. Still naked he walked to his bed an lay down on his back, while images of a naked Hinata ran through his head with No assitence from the Demon Lord.

He grabbed his hard cock ang give it a good tug "UhNhN Hinannnttaaa.'' His eyes then went wide did he just MOAN Hinata's name?!?!?! "Holy crap", he whispered. Then it hit him.... he liked her he actually liked her but it saddened him that they couldnt be together even if she liked him back...Sakura.... he would not hurt her to make him feel better he wouldnt do such a thing right?... He sighed and gave his dick another few tugs, and bit his tongue not wanting to make a sound.

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