My Sexy Teacher

Hinata is a teacher, and Naruto asks for a little tutoring, something unexpected happens and they end up falling in love.


4. I Have To Marry Who

Hinata had just left Naruto's apartment and was heading to her had a great time and to top it off Naruto at some point decided to give her the nickname of 'Kitty'. She was slightly limping. Why? Well long story short Naruto got 'a little' rough during round four they had that night, not that shes complaining. When she made it to her little house she took a quick shower and was off to bed.


Hinata sat up quickly in her bed. She was panting very hard she had a very erotic dream to say the least. What happened in her dream was between her and Naruto, but they were things they had never done. "Oh my", was all she could say. She glanced at the clock, 3:47 AM she had only been asleep for a few hours. She rubbed her legs together revealing that her eccense was dripping down her legs. She threw the sheets off of her and took a deep breath it was waaay to hot in here. Needing to relieve herself she slipped her hand down her soaked panties, she hesitated a moment before she took her index finger and just like Naruto would do, she circled it around her clit.

"Aaahh Naruuttoooo-kuunn unnnn", Hinata stuck her other hand down her top and put it under her bra and teased one of her pebbled nipples. "Aaa uuhgh Naruuu unnnnn.

"My my naughty tonight aren't we Kitty."

Hinata's eyes shot open as she removed her hands from there spots quickly and gasped. "N-naruto-kun.

"I love the way you say my name, enjoy your dream baby?", he asked in a extremly seductive tone.

"You did that... h-how?"

"With the help of Kyuubi of course, looks like it had a better effect then I thought it would", he said smirking. "To think that I could have you moaning my name in pure ecstasy without even touching you myself did something big to my ego", he said running his hand up her leg slowly. "Seeing you like that,... touching yourself while thinking of me really turned me on", he whispered the last four words in her ear, as he took her hand and placed it on his dick through his pants to show her how hard he was.

"Now tell me something Kitty, do you masturbate often or is this your first time?", he asked as he pulled of her panties.

"I...I...", she was speechless she didn't know what to say, I mean come on he was back for more after last night just how much stamina does he have?!

"Come on Kitty tell me.... your secret is say with me, he purred, as he removed the rest of her clothes."You know you are sexy as fuck.", he said as he made her stand up. He got on his knees an licked up her honey that had rolled down to her foot, he dragged his tongue up her leg an stopped when he reached her pussy. "Now tell me Kitty do you or don't you, he asked as he pulled out a small heart shaped thing out of his pocket. He laid her down on the bed again spread her legs wide and placed the heart on her clit, it started to vibrate.

"Uuunnn oohh y-yeeessss I do ahh Naruuttoo ahh.", she answered between moans.

"And what do you usually think about when your doing it?", he asked as he used his free hand to hold her down because she started to thrash around.

"I-I think about aah I think about you fucking me hard uuunnnn.''

"Oh really how long have you been doing this?", he questioned pressing the vibrator down harder.

"S-sense I was fourteen uunnn I shove my fingers in my pussy and pretend its your hard dick in meeee oh Kami Naruto-kun I'm about to cuuuAAAAAHHHHHHHH", she let out a scream as she cummed all over the vibrator and Naruto's all to curious hand.

"You know Kitty I would rather spend my time eating you then ramen you taste so much better", he said while licking his hand clean. Hinata was in shock Naruto was saying she was better then ramen now that was the best compliment she had heard considering how obsessed Naruto was with ramen.

"Now Kitty I want you on all fours ass in the air. Now!", he said this turned her on even more. Complying, she did as she was told. Naruto by this time was also stripped. He gave Hinata's ass a nice smack before leaning down and whispering in her ear, "Now I want you to just relax baby, I'm about to make you feel so gooood", was what he said before he slammed his hard 10 inches into her tiny pink asshole. Hinata groaned a little at the pain but of course being a shinobi she had felt pain much worse then this. And within a few seconds the pain resided an she pushed back a little indicating to Naruto that she was ok.

Naruto immediately started thrusting hard into her earning more then a low moan for the young teacher, what he got was a full-blown scream.


He was pumping in and out of her as fast as he could panting and groaning her name. And in less then a minute she came as did Naruto but he didn't stop he kept going.

"Scream my name again Kitty''

And she did, just a couple hundred times more then one.

Hinata was in Heaven she came over and over again, as did he. After what seemed like an eternity he pulled out of her he sucked in a deep breath and curled up next to her unconscious form.


Hinata was just waking up, she stretched and pain shot through her legs, she gave a half smile as memories of last night flooded into her mind. It took another three seconds to realize Naruto was still in her bed with his arms wrapped around her.

And another three seconds to realize this "OH MY GOODNESS I HAVE WORK TODAY!", she said jumping out of the bed causing Naruto to roll out on the floor.

"Kitty? 'The fuck man why?", he asked rubbing the bump on the back of his head.

"I have work today its Monday I'm gonna be late!", she said frantically.

"Tsunade said you have off to train for the miss-, he stopped and stared at her naked confused form it was so weird no matter how many times he saw her naked he just couldn't seem to get over her perfect shape it was like it sent him into some king of trance or something.

Hinata took a deep breath in remembrance and then being so frantic she didnt even notice the pain that was shooting through her legs...until now that is.

"IIIITTTTTAAAAHHHH!!!",she let out a long painful scream, and quickly sat down on the bed to rid herself of the pain it caused to stand, it helped sorta.

"Naruto-kun how am I supposed to train if I can't bare to walk?!?!"


"Naruto-kun I'm serious what am I gonna do?"

"... eh, wait a couple of hours or so I guess hehe."

"This is no time for jokes babe what am I gonna do?!"

"Well you know you should have really considered the consequences before you invaded my dreams and broke into my house and basically raped me", he said trying to keep a straight face.

She only stared at him she had every reason in the book to slap him right about now. She only laid her hands in her palm and sighed.

"Well you could ask Sakura to heal them for...ooooo yeah we cant I'm cheating on her with you hm.... i got nothing."

"I'm in love with a total bafoon",she whispered

"Huh what'd you sat Kitty?"

She gasped had she said that out loud?! She didn't want to scare him away bye saying she loved him so soon...he would think she was weird."N-n-nothing Naruto-kun."

"Well okay...sooooo you wanna go to the shower an-

"NARUTO, I'm in pain total agony and yet you want more are you effing serious, not everyone has the ability to heal so quickly or has your stamina for that matter!"

"...well sooorrrryyy"

"I'll stop bye Tsunade-sama then" she sighed

"Ok meet me at the Traing grounds when you are done."

"OK",she said limping to the bathroom to take a shower.


Hinata was on her way home from the hospital, Tsunade had just healed her legs due to some intense 'training'. She let out a long sigh.

'Well at least I can walk again', she thought. She continued walking to the training ground where Naruto said he would meet her.

"Where is he-umph",next thing she knew she was pinned to a tree.

"I'm right here Kitty."

"Naruto-kun don't do that."

"I couldn't resist ok so here I am walking minding my own business, and then you walk bye swaying and twisting those perfect little hips, and that big soft ass. Do you have any idea what that does to me, seeing someone like you with that coca-cola, figure especially when I'm dating someone like Sakura who is just totally straight up and down *sniff* I need you."

"How sweet but seriously let goo-uuunnhh." She couldn't finish Naruto was hard and he let her know...well he didn't tell her it's more like he grinded up against her crotch to 'show her'.

"Naruuu we ahh can't do unnhh this in the o-open someone ohhh might see us uuunnn." Ignoring her protests he started to move harder, while pinching her nipples.

"Ooohh Kaaaammmiii Narrruuu unnn haaardddeeerrrr."

He suddenly pulled away.

"Naruto-kun why'd you stop?",she whined.

"Because we are in the open remember, but that doesn't mean we can't get a little tongue action in.", he said before he begin sucking on her sensitive spot on her neck he bit down a little to draw blood and licked it, marking her as his. And she loved every second of it. And as soon as she opened her mouth he had shoved his tongue down her throat, she let out a long moan and slightly opened her eyes. Hinata pulled back so quick Naruto nearly fell.

"What the hell?"


"Huh?", Naruto asked as he turned around and there about fifteen feet away stood Hiashi Hyuuga.

"Hinata we have... matters to discuss.",he said looking at Naruto.

"But you disowned me so we have nothing to dis-...

"No it's not up for debate come. Now." Hinata looked up at Naruto, who simply nodded his head.

"Hai", she said walking to her father


"So you agree."

"Yes father I would love to be back in the clan",Hinata replied signing some papers.

"Now that you are our heir once more theirs one task you must complete."

"What would that be."

"You must marry Ryudai Saru from the cloud." Hinata stared at him for a second, then burst out laughing.

"HA! Yeah right why would I do that?!"

"Because as heir you need to marry, and Ryudai comes from a very wealthy a prosperous clan joining our clan with theirs would benefit us alot.",he replied calmly.

Hinata paled 'He's actually serious'.

"B-but father this isn't fair I should choose who I should marry!"

"I'm sorry Hinata but the Council and I have made our decision, theirs nothing you can do."

"So that's why you wanted me back in!! Why not use Hanabi?",she asked standing up and stomping her foot.

"...Ryudai requested someone...well proportioned if you will...",he replied obviously not giving a care his daughter might be marrying someone for her body.

"F-father, you are actually going to make me marry a sick man, who just wants to use my body...d-don't you care for all?",when he made no reply and simply stared at her with a bored look on his face she broke. She burst into tears for the first time since she had been disowned 4 years earlier she broke. She ran out his office out of the estate, and didn't stop until she was banging at Naruto's door.

Naruto opened his door, and there stood a red puffy eyed, crying Hinata Hyuuga.

"K-kitty whats wrong", he asked pulling her into his arms shutting the door and sitting them on the couch with her in his lap.

"The C-council, F-father h-h-he..."

"He what??",he asked as she barried her head in his chest.

"He....", and she told him everything.

Naruto was silent he didn't know what to say, but the demon in his head was ready for a bloodbath, and Naruto was tempted.

"That bastard...Kitty I promise you I want let you marry that...'man'''

"B-but there's n-nothing you can d-do", she said crying harder.

"NO! Theres gotta be something I can do too help you!!"

"Naru-kun...d-don't drag yourself into this, Its my fault for agreeing to come back anyway'',she said barrying her head once more into his chest still crying harder.

"No Kitty I love you and I wi-..." Naruto stopped.

Hinata looked up at him.'Did he just say..."

Naruto looked down at her.'Did I just say..."

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