Ice Skates & Guitar Strings

Perfection. That was all she strived to be, or more so what her parents wanted her to be. Every decision was made for her, including the things that were supposed to make her 'happy'. Elsa's life begins to change the moment she's acquainted one of the school's bad boys, Jack Frost. However looks may be deceiving, for he is about to teach her that perfection doesn't necessarily lead to true happiness...


10. Sparks and Growing Back Down- Part 2

            “Ready?” I Asked her.
            “Yeah, just make sure I don’t fall.” My sister whined.
            “Let go of the edge.” I said holding my hands out. Anna quickly released her grip on the edge and held onto me.
            “Now, we’re going to go slow. Just relax and you’ll be fine.” I started to skate backwards and Anna came forward.
            “Try to move your feet so it’s not just me pulling you.” I said.
            “I’m gonna fall.” She panicked.
            “No you’re not. Just relax and go with the flow.” Anna took a breath and started to move her feet to push herself forward. Not too long after, we had done a full lap around the rink.
            “I’m doing it!” Anna cheered.
            “Still need me?” I asked. Anna answered by letting go of my hands. She stumbled a little, but regained her balance and pushed herself forward.
            “I can do it!” Anna squealed moving forward again.
            “WOOOO!” Merida cheered as she got closer to us. “That was faster than I thought.”
            “She’s a fast learner.” I remarked while watching Rapunzel skate to Anna.
            “That only took half an hour.” Merida replied. “Either you’re a great teacher or Anna just knew how to skate.”
            “She’s a great teacher!” Anna called out, holding onto Rapunzel for some support. It made me feel really happy knowing I was finally making my sister happy. Merida punched me in the arm to bring me back to reality.
            “Come on figure skater. Let’s skate.” Merida giggled as she pulled me around the rink. I was surprised by how many people came to this. It’s Friday night, how many parties are taking place on campus right now?
            “Hey Elsa!” Punzie called out. “Remember what I said.”
            “There’s too many people here Punz.” I said as she skated towards me with my sister.
            “So. Just go off and skate on your own. You don’t need to do any jumps or anything, maybe go with a little routine.” She pleaded.
            “Fine.” I sighed. “Does anyone have earphones?”
            “Here.” Anna said digging into her pocket to pull out the white cords. I took them from her hand and fished out my phone.
            “Pick a song for me Anna.” I said handing her my phone. While her and the girls scrolled through my music, I was adjusting the wires.
            “Slow or faced paced?” she asked as I fed the end down my shirt.
            “Doesn’t matter.” I put in the earbuds.
            “Then let’s give you a challenge.” Merida smirked as she pointed to a song on the screen.
            “That’s to acoustic version Mer.” Anna pointed out. “That’s not really a challenge.”
            “Then go for the studio version.” Punzie smirked tapping it. My sister connected the earphones to my phone and the song began playing.
            “Pompeii?” All three of them nodded.
            “Okay, give me your phone Anna.” I demanded.
            “There’s no point in me doing this if you don’t get the full effect.” I reasoned as I took her phone and searched for the song.
            “Hey I want to be a part of this.” Rapunzel cut in.
            “Me too.” Merida added as she pulled out her phone. They all found Pompeii on their phones while I stretched. I looked around to see where I was going to do this; to my surprise there were less people on the ice, giving me lots of space near the edge of the rink.
            “Press play.” I ordered as I started to back away from them. The second we were all synced, I started the routine.
Eh-eh-o eh-o
I was left to my own devices
Many days fell away with nothing to show
And the walls kept tumbling down
In the city that we love
Great clouds roll over the hills
Bringing darkness from above
            I skated a lap with a few swivels around the rink at the speed I normally figure skate; building up speed to perform a jump, but I did it to feel the wind on my skin. I forgot how much I loved this feeling; feeling one with the ice, becoming one with the winds, just feeling free. Every twirl I made, my hair flowed in the wind with it. The cool, crisp winds leaking into my cloths and caressing my body gave me a familiar thrill. My heart was pounding adrenaline through my veins bringing me back to the first time I performed. I closed my eyes and imagined everything; the crowd, the cheering, the freedom.
But if you close your eyes,
Does it almost feel like
Nothing changed at all?
And if you close your eyes,
Does it almost feel like
You've been here before?
How am I gonna be an optimist about this?
How am I gonna be an optimist about this?
            Without another thought I leaped into the air, twirled my body and landed perfectly just before the mid- chorus. The energy of the song brought me to bend down and do my favourite spin top move, extending my knees beck to standing position as if I was a blossoming flower. I ended the routine mid- song with my hand in the air. 
            Now I remembered why I loved skating; the rush of joy that overcomes you the moment you finished a perfect routine. The cheering of friends and some strangers caused me to open my eyes and reconnect with reality, essentially replacing my happiness with disappointment. I went back to my group, and realized that it had gotten slightly bigger.
            “That was incredible Elsa!” my sister exclaimed as she wrapped her arms around me.
            “No way was that a simple routine.” Merida scoffed in disbelief.
            “Told you! I knew you would love it once you started.” Rapunzel said.
            “Thanks guys.” I smiled. “I would’ve done better but this was the first time I’ve done this in four or five years.”
            “Didn’t seem like it.” A guy said from behind the girls. He had brown hair and brown eyes, wore a leather jacket accompanied by a plain white shirt and brown pants. I just gave him a small smile since I had no clue who he was.
            “Elsa, this is my boyfriend Flynn.” Rapunzel introduced as she grabbed his hand. “This is my cousin Elsa.”
            “She’s my sister.” Anna added. I offered my hand and he returned in with a firm handshake.
            “So you finally came along.” He smirked.
            “Yeah, I had lots of time on my hands so why not?” I answered.
            “Well it’s good to finally match the description with the face.” He chuckled.
            “You guys talk about me?”
            “You’re kidding right? They won’t shut up about you.” Rapunzel hit Flynn in the arm from his response.
            “Hey, I only call ‘em like I see ‘em.” He raised his hands in defense. As they started bickering, I caught a glimpse of Anna talking to a tall blond guy behind Rapunzel.
            “Merida, who’s that with Anna?” I asked.
            “Kristoff.” she answered. “Have you met him before?”
            “Once. It wasn’t really an official meeting though.”
            “Well you might want to.” Merida suggested.
            “Are they official yet?” I asked.
            “With how close they are, they might as well be. They’ve been dating for almost a month.” She answered just as Anna kissed him. Knowing my sister was able to find someone made me mile… but was he trustworthy?
            “Earth to Elsa!” Punzie interrupted.
            “Sorry what was that?”
            “Astrid, Hiccup and a few other friends wanted to meet us for dinner, then we can walk around the city.” She said. “Are you coming with us?”
            “Uh… sure.” I said even though my gut was telling me something different. I would want to go home and watch movies or read; but I knew I should let loose, not just for Anna but for me as well. Plus, the last time my gut told me not to, it was to a party. Now I’m with a group of people and we’re just going to the city, how bad could it be? 

Hey guys!!!! I know i've barely been posting, and i am sorry for that. However i wanted to get this out to you asap so i could start working on the next chapter. so here i am, almost 11 pm and exhausted. LOL whatever. I hope you guys enjoyed this chapter. I got a good response of Jack's little 'action' from the last chapter, and i know there wasn't that much going on in this chapter but don't worry. We'll see what happens next chapter ;) I also just wanted to say that i have started working on the sequel, and it is coming out AMAZEBALLZZ!!! I cannot wait for you guys to read it. Maybe i should post a little preview soon? i dunno we'll see ;) Thank you for all of you who've stayed with me this long. I Luv you all!!! Happy Reading ;)

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