Ice Skates & Guitar Strings

Perfection. That was all she strived to be, or more so what her parents wanted her to be. Every decision was made for her, including the things that were supposed to make her 'happy'. Elsa's life begins to change the moment she's acquainted one of the school's bad boys, Jack Frost. However looks may be deceiving, for he is about to teach her that perfection doesn't necessarily lead to true happiness...


23. Drunken Truth Part 3

“Here’s good.” Pete said as he set down the pitcher on a picnic table. It was relatively close to the lake, creating a beautiful background for us to do shots. 

“So what’s in this drink again?” I asked looking at the purple liquid in the pitcher. 

“Vodka, Sour Puss and some other kind of sweet liquor.” Andy listed as he set his bottle down. He lined up the shot glasses and poured the contents of the bottle into them.  

“We’re starting with Sour Puss?” Pete snickered. 

“Get rid of it so we can get to the good stuff.” Andy reasoned as he handed me a shot glass. The crystal green liquid sloshed around in the glass, but looked intriguing nonetheless. 

“Alright. Cheers to getting wasted.” Pete said as we tapped our glasses together. I tipped the drink in my mouth and swallowed. The sourness slammed into me like a wall, causing me to gag and saliva to pool in my mouth. 

“Holy crap I wasn’t expecting that.” I said trying to wear off the aftermath.  

“Drink this, it’ll be your chaser.” Andy suggested as he handed me my cup. I sipped the sweet liquid and was thankful it masked the sour. 

“Thank you.” I sighed in relief.  

“Other than the sour, it tasted good right?” Pete asked. 

“I don’t know, the sour was pretty overpowering.” 

“Then let’s do another.” He laughed as he gave me another. I took the shot, but the same effect took place. I don’t know why, but I kept taking shots with them until the whole bottle was empty. 

“I guess Sour Puss is okay.” I hiccupped as I finished the last of my vodka cranberry. 

Wanna try a Pornstar?” Pete offered. 

“Sure. Lay it on me.” I burped. As I watched him pour the drink into my glass, the corners of my vision became darker and my balance was beginning to go whacky. I went to sit down on the table, but someone grabbed my arm. 

“Are you feeling okay?” Andy asked.  

“Yeah. I just need to relax for a bit.” I nodded. 

“Let me help you.” He murmured as I felt his teeth start to graze my ear and lips start to trail down my neck. His hands began to wander and move up and down my arms. 

“No it’s okay, I just need to sit for a while.” I tried to shake him off. 

“Come on Lisa, don’t you like it when I touch you like this?” he whispered as his fingers got closer to my chest.  

Stop.” I said a little harsher as I tried to get away from him. Andy grabbed my wrist and pulled me to him. He covered my mouth and dragged me to a nearby shed with Pete’s trying to hold my arms together. 

“No! Please!” I cried once they shut the door. 

“I know it’s not the best place, but it’s better than the party.” Andy said as he started sucking on my neck. 

“Don’t! Stop!” I cried as they ran their hands all over me. 

“I thought she was supposed to be knocked out by now.” One of them said. 

“She was! What a liar, he said this stuff lasts for hours not minutes.” The one holding me from behind hissed. 

“Somebody help me! Please!” I screamed trying to thrash out of their hold. 

They held my hands behind me. One was right in front of my face, so when he leaned in I sunk my teeth into the first bit of flesh they could reach and tore it off. He yelped out in pain and backed off. I then launched my head back, hitting something hard and hearing a sickening crunch. They released me for a moment, so I tried to run for it. Then a fist dug its way in my solar plexus, knocking the wind out of my lungs. Arms were wrapped around me yet again as I tried to find the fight in me. 

“She broke my nose!” An aggravated voice exclaimed. 

“So?! THIS BITCH RIPPED OFF MY FUCKING EAR!!!” The one who was holding me screamed. 

“Knock her out dude!” one of their voices said. A hand covered my mouth and seconds later something smashed into the side of my head. I dazed and tried to come to my senses before something worse could happen, but another blow crashed down on my head causing me to black out.  

******** Jack’s POV******** 

She let the salty tears fall from her face as she recalled the bits of the story she remembered.  

“So…” I said trying to keep my voice straight. “That’s what happened.” She nodded as she repeated the most important parts of the story. 

“That night I wore this really from fitting dress my friend made me wear. I met a guy, we danced and kissed on the dance floor. I drank a lot that night, but he handed me a vodka cranberry… that’s why I don’t drink them anymore.” 

“Did you… um?” I cleared my throat. 

“Did I what?” 

“Were you awake during the….?” I trailed, terrified of what the answer could be. I relaxed a little bit when she shook her head. 

“No I wasn’t… I woke up the next morning in the shed… no panties, the dress was ripped.” She cried. I ran my hands down my face as I tried my best to stomach the tale. I would have never thought that something like this could happen to her. That’s why she’s always so hesitant when she goes out with me. That’s why she never tells me anything serious about her. That’s why- 

“Jack.” She cut in my thoughts. “If you don’t want to see me anymore I get it.” I looked up at her confused. 

“What?” I questioned. 

“Well, whenever I tell people what happened, they always seem to disappear or act like I don’t exist.” 

I started at her in disbelief. 

“After what happened to you?” she bit her lip out of nervousness and nodded. I reached out to her and when she didn’t flinch, I brought her into my arms and cradled her as we sat on my bed. I moved a piece of hair from her wet cheeks so I could see that beautiful face I can never get out of my head.  

“I would never do that to you.” I said with as much seriousness in my voice as I could. New tears streamed down her face as I spoke. 

“Why?” she cried. The answer was so obvious, I laughed. 

“Because, I care deeply towards you. “ I stated. “Elsa, I have never had one person had such an effect on me, or be so similar yet so different. You accept me for who I am, allowing me to be my true self; only around you.” I held her tighter in my arms as she began to sob into my chest. Even though I didn’t say the words I wanted to, it didn’t matter. I will tell her eventually, but now after she told me her dark story, after she’s trembling in my arms, crying all her sorrows away; telling Elsa how much I love her can wait. Hopefully I can tell her soon, but it can wait…

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