Ice Skates & Guitar Strings

Perfection. That was all she strived to be, or more so what her parents wanted her to be. Every decision was made for her, including the things that were supposed to make her 'happy'. Elsa's life begins to change the moment she's acquainted one of the school's bad boys, Jack Frost. However looks may be deceiving, for he is about to teach her that perfection doesn't necessarily lead to true happiness...


17. Break Part 1

“Shall we go?” Anna asked as she grabbed her coat.
            “Yeah.” I replied grabbing my bag and the gifts for my parents. The two of us let our dorm and made out way to the car. We were visiting our parents or the holidays and we were staying there for a week.
            “Do you think anyone else would come?” Anna asked just as we merged into the freeway.
            “No. if anything Punzie might visit with her family, but we’ll see if that happens.” I gave my honest answer.
            “Hopefully, otherwise it would be a boring ass week.”
            “Well you know, dad may take us to a few executive parties.” I laughed as Anna gagged.
            “I think I’ll pass.” She laughed.
            “Hey at least you can pass. Knowing dad he’s going to drag me to at least one of them.” I groaned as memories of meeting a bunch of older people I really had no interest of meeting.
            “True, but you do get free food and drinks.”
            “Still doesn’t make up the many fake smiled, kisses and handshakes I have to give. AND I’ll be the youngest one there.” Anna just laughed at my misery.
            “Hoe about I come up with a good excuse and pick you up from your torture?” she offered.
            “Deal.” I smiled and held out a hand so we could do your promise gesture. Once silence filled Anna flicked on my stereo. I almost forgot what CD was in there once it started playing
            “You bought the 1989 album?” she questioned.
            “Y-yeah…” I blushed. “She grew on me okay.”
            “Since when?!”
            “Since… Blank Space.” I partially lied since that was the first song on the album that I really liked.
            “Wow, what changed you?” she laughed before jamming to Shake It Off.
I smiled thinking about that answer.
            “My girls are home!” mother cheered as we both got out of the car. She ran up to us and we walked to her and hugged us both.
            “Hey, don’t I get a hug?” my dad teased stepping from the doorway.
            “Of course.” I didn’t want to run up to him first, so Anna ran to him first. My mother looked at me and sighed.
            “Are you going to be okay sweetheart?” she asked.
            “Yeah, yeah. Nothing’s bothering me mom.”
            She opened her mouth to say something, but stopped herself.
            “We’ll talk later.” She said. I nodded and kissed her cheek before going up to greet my father.
            “Hello dad.” I greeted and gave him a hug.
            “It hasn’t been the same without my snowflake.” He smiled. I’m not sure if he was talking about home or the office; if I had to guess I’d have to say the office.
            “Well, we’re home for a few weeks.” I said taking Anna’s hand. She squeezed it; our signal to say ‘I get it.’ Or ‘I know how you feel’.
            “Well we better make the best of it.” Mother cut in and we went inside out house- sorry mansion (Father gets annoyed when we don’t refer to a thing properly). We walked into the common room and sat on the couches across from each other… dad loves keeping it professional.
            “Unfortunately I have some work to do and I won’t be free until the 23rd but I will have the rest of that time off until the 6th.” He revealed.
            “It’s fine, we don’t mind relaxing for now.” I answered.
            “I could really catch up on some much needed shut eye.” Anna added.
            “Well, it’s good to see my two beautiful girls at home again.” He said before standing up. “I’ll be home for dinner, so I will see you then.”
            I could practically feel the disappointment seeping from Anna as we watched our dad leave. Luckily our mom always knew how to make it better.
            “Well, you two can rest or help me bake cookies.” She clapped standing up.
            “Triple chocolate chip?” my sister and I beamed in unison. All it took was my mother’s smile to answer our question and follow her to the kitchen.
            “I will never forget these cookies.” Anna moaned as she devoured her fifth freshly baked cookie. “It’s like heaven and childhood in my mouth.”
            “Okay there sister.” I laughed as I bit my second. I know Anna wanted to add another description to that sentence, but I know mother would start talking about the use of protection.
            “I know how to make my girls happy.” Mother smiled.
            “Thanks mom.” Anna kissed her cheek. Mom smiled.
            “You girls should get some rest. I know it was a long drive, and knowing your father we’re going out and he won’t be sparing any expense.”
            “Meaning one of us is DD.” I sighed knowing it would most likely be me.
            “Not necessarily.” Mother laughed.
            “Wait, what’s DD?” Anna asked.
            “Designated Driver.” I answered. “The person who stays sober so they can drive the drunk people home.”
            “I don’t think we’ll be needing a DD Elsa.” Mother said. “But get some rest; you both look extremely tired.” Just as I was about to protest, I yawned. My mother glared at me saying ‘What did I say?’
            “You’re right.” Anna yawned. “I’ll be in my room if anyone needs me.” We said goodnight as she left the kitchen. I finished off the rest of my milk.
            “I should get some sleep too.” I announced standing from the counter stool.
            “Alright, before you go do you mind telling me who’s making you so happy.” She called out. I froze in my spot wondering if she was referring to what I think she was referring to.
            “I don’t know what you mean mom.” I said.
            “I’m talking about someone who has changed you. I am your mother Elsa; I know when something has changed my little girl.” She explained shifting her position. “Now tell me everything.”
            Well that was fast.
            “Please don’t tell dad.” I begged. She arched her eyebrow showing her was now more interested in this conversation.
            “What have you done Elsa?”
            “Nothing, nothing. I haven’t done anything I promise.” I stopped her vulgar thoughts. “Except… met someone.”
            My mother was not surprised. She sipped her tea, signaling for me to continue.
            “I don’t think you know him, but his name is Jack. Jack Frost. He’s in my Human Emotion Psychology class.” I explained.
            “How long has this been going on?”
            “Well, we met at the beginning of the semester. Actually seeing each other, maybe six and a half weeks or so.”
            “I hope you’ll be smart about this.” She said. There it is.
            “Mom, I don’t need this right now.” I sighed. “I know when dad finds out, he’s going to lecture me about how it’s not part of his plan and I’m idiotic for dating a boy like him. He may even scold me for being ‘rebellious against him.’”
            “I never said stop seeing him sweetie. I just said to be smart about the relationship.”
            “I don’t follow.”
            “I mean no pregnancies until marriage.” He comment made me spit out my milk.
            “Mom!” I choked.
            “I raised you well, but I’m not sure he’s as smart as you are.”
            “Can we stop this conversation please?”
            “Now, I want you to know that there are places you can go to get birth control if you want an even closer experience.” She stated nonchalantly.
            “Oh my goodness.” I put my head on the counter.
            “But to prevent disease I would suggest the proper latex.”
            “And I’m done here.” I said standing up.
            “I’m only teasing Elsa.” My mother laughed. “Sit down.”
            Even though I really didn’t want to, I did. I don’t think I can ever look at her the same way again.
            “Tell me more about this boy.” She encouraged. It did shock me that she can be so calm and okay with this.
            “Well… if dad were to see him, he would want to strangle him.”
            After my mother and I talked for about another hour, my father came home and told us to get ready for dinner. We would be going to some disgustingly fancy place according to my mother; basically she said to throw on a dress and do my hair.
            I was thankful that she didn’t tell dad immediately after he walked in, and she was also the one to signal me to stop talking about Jack when he walked into the kitchen. Maybe she’ll tell him about Jack later, but at least I won’t be right beside him when he explodes.
            “Wakey, wakey.” I knocked on my sister’s door. She was starfished on her bed with drool on her pillow. As usual she didn’t wake up.
            “Wake up sister!” I yelled when I hit her with a pillow. Out of nowhere she grabbed another pillow and slammed it into me. The next thing I knew we were having an impromptu pillow fight. I would have won too… if she wasn’t so freakishly strong.
            “I was having a good dream.” Anna groaned as she helped me up.
            “Well you may want time to get ready. Dad’s taking up someplace fancy for dinner.”
            “Meaning I have to wear a dress and put make- up on my face?”
            “Yep.” I popped the ‘p’ “And knowing him it probably won’t just be us. Someone important will also be there.”
            Anna sighed and cracked her joints.
            “Well, we should get dressed.” She said getting off the bed. I got up to lightly flick her before leaving. When I entered my room for the first time in months, the first thing that hit me was the cold air.
            My bed was neat, not a single dust particle lay on my dresser, my pictures of my family were still straight on my nightstand and shelf, and my computer desk still had business papers on it in perfect order. Clearly the only person who came in here was the house keeper.
            Before I sifted through my closet to find my outfit, I flopped on my cool, crisp and clean bed sheets. It felt so nice and familiar; I could feel the drowsiness start to dawn… until I felt my phone vibrate in my pocket.
            Help me. It was Jack.
            What’s going on? I asked actually concerned.
            Nothing. I’m just bored out of my mind.
Jerk I was actually concerned for a minute there.
            Well sorry if I miss you. Whoa, wasn’t expecting that. Instead of texting back I called him.
            “I’d be lying if I said I didn’t miss you too.” I said as soon as he answered.
            “What’s your reasoning?” he asked.
            “My parents… need I say more?”
            “What’s your excuse?”
            “It’s boring here. As much as I love my younger sister I don’t want to hear any more gushing on how T-Swift is better with Ginger Jesus.” I laughed once I realized who his sister was referring to.
            “Tell her that Ginger Jesus was with Ellie Goulding and Swift would most likely drop him in 6 months…. They’re better off as best friends.” There was silence on the other end, I even had to check if he didn’t hang up on me.
            “Not you too.” He groaned.
            “I know this because of my sister okay.”
            “Sure, and I’m sure you check E! News everyday like how my mom does.”
            “I could care less about that stuff. I only care about the bands I like.”
            “So if Matt Healy were to get engaged what would you do?”
            “Be sad that I can no longer marry him.”
            “Wow, such a calm fangirl.”
            “That’s how I roll.” I laughed. We talked for a few more minutes about our plans for the break. Naturally Jack would tease me whenever I mentioned executive dinners or something. Before I could fully ask him what he had planned, there was a knock on my door.
            “Elsa, can you help me do my hair.” My sister asked, walking into my room.
            “Oop, you have to tend to your people.” Jack teased.
            “I’ll talk to you later.” I rolled my eyes before hanging up. My sister shut the door.
            “Yeah.” I nodded getting up.
            “Well what were you two talking about for 45 minutes?” she cooed.
            45 minutes? We certainly weren’t talking for that long.
            “Just, stuff.” I shrugged walking to my mirror.
            “I’m sure you were.” She snickered letting her hair down so I could pin it. After I finished her hair, Anna helped me pick which dress I was going to wear. We settled on a classy blue, v- neck dress, 3 quarter length sleeve with a skirt that reached my knees.
            “Just leave it wavy. I’ll just do my make-up really nicely.” I said. We walked over to my mirror to do our make-up.
            “Sorry, but if I’m having my hair up you should do something with yours.” Anna pointed out. “It’s only hair.”
            “You do it since I did yours.” I offered. Anna nodded excitedly and got started. While I applied my eye shadow, my mother walked in.
            “Try barrel down.” She instructed Anna who was curling my hair.
            “I’ve been mixing it up mom.” She said curling one more strand of hair. “Then I’m going to braid it and pin it back.”
            “Like Daenerys Targaryen?” I guessed.
            “Yep. You are going to be Khaleesi soon.” She mumbled the last part as she finished y hair.
            “Oh, there are some executives downstairs. They’ll be joining us for dinner.” Mother informed.
            “Aren’t we eating out to some fancy place?”
            “Well, your father has started to invite his partners over for a drink. He finds it more hospitable.” She answered.
            “So there are a bunch of old guys downstairs drinking whiskey?” Anna concluded.
            “Just one, as well as his wife and son. I’ve never met him but he seems to be around your age.” She added. “I will be downstairs. I just wanted to let you two know.”
            “Thanks mom.” I nodded before she left my room.
            “Called it.” Anna cut in.
            “Called what?”
            “I called that dad would make us go to executive dinners and parties.”
            “Actually I was the one who called that.” I smirked, grabbing a wristlet. Anna groaned.
            “Please tell me our whole week won’t be like this.”
            “Well if it is, remember you’re the one who pointed out the free food and free booze.” I cooed as we walked out of my room.

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