one direction imagines (open)

As the title implies, this is a book of One Direction imagines. We all have them. Those dreams with one of the boys. I write those kind of situations down, so you can all enjoy them. please comment below your name (or name to use in imagine) whether you would like a long imagine, a short imagine or a picture.Also if you would like a certain situation i will try though cant promise anything.bye hope to be writing for you all soon but until then Peace, love and pogo sticks.


2. niall & shantez

This had to be the most boring Saturday afternoon that you had ever experienced. No one was home and all of your friends seemed to be busy. After contemplating for a while,you decided to take a nice stroll through the neighborhood park down the street. Once you got to the park, you started by walking along the sidewalk that bordered it and them you made your way into the grassy area. After walking for a while, you decided to sit near a tree.

  You were looking up at the clouds when you suddenly heard what sounded like footsteps approaching you. At first, you were freaking out. But then you relaxed when you saw a boy come and sit next to you. He seemed friendly, though you'd never seen him before.  

"Hello," He smiled.

"Hi!" You had suddenly become so excited to have someone to talk to for a while.

"What's your name?" He asked, as he played with the grass around him.   "Shantez."   He smiled brightly,

"Fits you perfectly."   You couldn't help but return the smile.

"So...what's your name?"  

"Niall Horan," He said it proudly.  

"Where have I heard that name before?" Something about the name 'Niall Horan' seemed so familiar to you.  

"I have no idea," He said, sarcastically. "I'm kidding! You've probably heard it everywhere by now! I'm from One Direction."  

"Oh, that's right! I knew you sounded familiar! Congratulations with the band, by the way. I heard you guys have a new album coming out by the end of the year," You loved how normal this conversation was.  

"Yes, we do. Pretty amazing, huh?" He looked over at you as you continue to stare at the sky.  

"I suppose so. I can imagine how exciting this all must be," You began to wonder how much longer this would last. How much longer he would stay around and talk.   You guys ended up talking for another hour about random things that came to mind. Anyway, you ended your day with a wonderful Horan Hug and a little note from Niall saying how happy he was to have a normal conversation with someone for once. After that, you guys exchanged numbers and became the closest of friends!    

A/n OK so that was my first imagine I would like to say a big hello to my current readers and if they have commented I will be with them very soon OK see you soon but before then  I , Sir, your most humble and obedient servant,must say bye bye to all.      

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