This is Me

I guess this is kind of a diary.
Delly did this first and I thought I should do one too.


5. 5

Do you ever think that your friends are better friends with each other than they are with you? Even though you introduced them

And they wouldn't have met without you

You still feel left out

Third wheel

A spare part


You feel a pang of jealousy at each of their conversations because they get along so much better without you

And you have to wonder

If you should just leave

Because maybe they'd be better off without you.

It's difficult

Not knowing

Not knowing if you should carry on

Not knowing if you're really worth it

It takes so much work, being your friend.

You have to wonder why they bother



They'll reassure you

And it'll work for a bit

But the thoughts creep in

The doubt

The uncertainty

Or perhaps it's certainty

That really 

Nothing is what it seems

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