Reality TV

Bryce Carrey and Hyland Andrews are two totally different girls. When they are asked to be the stars of a hot new reality television show, Young and Hot LA, they both can't believe their luck. But being a celebrity isn't all it's worked up to be. When the girls see that reality is faker than they thought they'll have to push through for everybody even the ones they love.


1. would you like to try our new pumpkin spice latte

Chapter 1- would you like to try our new Pumpkin spice latte

Bryce's POV

I looked around the small apartment. What was I doing here?

"Last box Bry." I heard my dad say as he placed a big box in my makeshift bed room.

"Well, that's it I guess. I'm officially a college student at UCLA and a resident of Los Angeles California!" I exclaimed falling back on to my couch. My dad chuckled rubbing his forehead with the back of his hand.

"My baby girl, a college student living on her own. This is like some sad sitcom." He chuckled humorlessly. I chuckled along with him. He was right. Our daddy-daughter duo was splitting up. I was moving to California while he moved to New York with his new fiancé.

"Don't be a stranger. Swing by whenever." I said walking over to wrap him in a hug. He wrapped his arms around me and leaned his chin on my brown hair.

"Same to you I'm counting on you to take care of yourself and to be very social." He said smiling at me. I fake gasped in hurt.

"I am very social." I teased.

"You don't even go on the internet. Social my ass go out and drink or something." He encouraged goofily.

"You're the only father who wants his daughter to get drunk." I said fake punching his shoulder. He rolled his eyes and stepped towards the door.

"This isn't goodbye," he said before opening the door.

"It's see ya later." I finished the little mantra my father and I had.

"See ya later Bryce Cream." He smiled.

"See ya later Daddy-o." I whispered back as he walked out the door. I sighed and fell back on my couch. This is the first time we'd been apart permanently. We'd visit each other but we'd never live under the same roof again. We were each other's anchor in the waves of the world. I ran a hand through my hair and decided that clubbing was exactly what I needed to get my mind off of this weird transition.


I packed away the majority of the boxes leaving my two bathroom boxes for the weekend and my kitchen box for next week when I started working and had money to buy groceries. For now I had pizza money and bathroom soaps money. I sat in front of the television chomping on a slice of meat lovers pizza. I watched some stupid reality tv show about couples fighting to keep there marriage alive.

"Why do you need a bunch of couch potatoes to tell you whether or not your marriage is worth fighting for?" I asked my tv. No response. I groaned and curled up in my blanket. Ok so maybe my club plan wasn't going as planned but at least I was being social with something other than my bed. I sighed I sounded like a mental patient. I stood up and grabbed all the trash and dumped it in the garbage chute in the hallway. The hallway was empty other than me and a blonde haired boy. He was talking on the phone loudly to another person. I decided to entertain myself.

"Look- I can't take a gig like that! Why not!? Maybe because I want to be a serious actor not some reality television puppet!" He exclaimed angrily. His voice was heavily accented but I couldn't put my finger on it.

"Oh! That's just genius!" He said sarcastically. He started pacing the hallway which wasn't that long only large enough to hold six single room apartments and an elevator. He looked up and saw me staring at him and he smiled sweetly.

"Look, Ella, I'm not doing it I made that clear when I first hired you and I guess this is goodbye. I'll pay my last payment next week and then I'm on the look for another agent. Goodnight." He said hanging his phone up.

"That sounded pretty heavy." I said once he'd stuffed his phone in his pocket.

"That's show business for ya, lots of buggers and wankers and a few honest lads trying to make a living." He said.

"Um sure, I'm Bryce. I live over there," I pointed to the door in the left corner,"Apartment G3." I said rocking on my heels.

"Niall, I don't live here I'm visiting a friend." He smiled shaking my hand.

"Oh! Uh well it was nice to meet you and um, I hope all goes well for you." I said walking away. I turned to open my door and I could see Niall staring at me as I walked.

"Will I see you again?" He called out before I walked in. I smiled to myself and then turned to him.

"Maybe." He smiled and walked back into his friends house.


The next morning was a job hunt. I put on some distressed skinny jeans and a long teeshirt that had pink skulls all over it. I tied my black converses and then grabbed my car keys. I walked down the creaky stairs and down into the lobby. The lobby was a great representation of the apartments. Pretty much manual everything. As I slid into my red convertible I started driving down the rode. California was a new place for me so I didn't know much other than Rodeo Drive and Beverly Hills. I drove by Sunset Boulevard and a little cafe shop with a help wanted sign sparked my attention. I pulled over and parked on a side road. The cafe was small and smelled like sweets and baked cookies. The energy of the shop was very laid back. I walked up to the cashier who was a boy with dirty blonde hair. His name tag read Caleb in curly letters.

"Welcome to Sunset cafe, would you like to try our new pumpkin spice latte?" He asked. His smile was flawless I understood why he was taking the order. He made you want it. Coffee that is.

"Um no thanks I'm here about the help wanted ad in your window."

"Of course. I'm Caleb Ruminer. And you are?" He asked smiling.

"Bryce Carrey." I said smiling.

"Ok well come back here and we'll get you signed up." He said. I stepped behind the counter and walked behind him into a small office. A laptop sat on the desk and behind the desk was a file cabinet. Who knew the cafe business was so infiltrated.

"Ok first question, what are your best traits when it comes to baking?" He asked.

"I can keep things from burning." I said. He cocked and eyebrow and chuckled.

"Well that's nice. How are you with math?"

"I'm decent. I can get it done correctly in an impressive amount of time." I answered crossing my legs.

"Now, what are your thoughts on gluten?" He asked leaning forward and cocking an eyebrow.

"As long as I don't have to eat anything that doesn't have it I'm fine." I answered cooly.

"Well, your obviously great at enthusiasm and being humorous. And it doesn't hurt that your hot,"He smiled at me. I rolled my eyes and ran a hand through my long brown locks.

"You're hired how soon can you start?" He asked.

"Tomorrow morning." I said. He nodded

"Well you start at 6:30 am and get out at 3:30 in the afternoon. You get paid every Wednesday but since it's a Sunday you won't get paid this Wednesday. You get weekends off and then you've got your paid holidays. Christmas, Kwanzaa, Hanukah, etcetera." He said. I listened intuitively.

"That sounds easy enough to remember." I said nodding.

"You work the cash register. I don't trust your baking skills." He said smirking on me.

"Well I don't either so happy we can agree." I smiled walking out of the office and out of the cafe. Things weren't as bad as I thought they'd be.

"I didn't know we got our muffins from the same cafe." I heard a voice say. I turned around and Niall was standing behind me. A group of people stopped at the entrance of the cafe and waited for him.

"Go in guys. I gotta talk to her real quick." The group shrugged and went inside.

"Do you always walk around in groups and then separate yourself from them?" I asked.

"Do you always walk alone?" He retorted.

"Touché. Um Niall right?" I asked leaning on my car.

"Yea, I was just wondering if maybe we can hang out sometime. I mean this is totally cliché and all due to the fact we met last night and all but I don't know you seem pretty cool." He shrugged.

"I'd like that." I said smiling.

"Great so um tomorrow night?" He asked. I laughed to myself.

"Sure. Um you know where I live." I said getting in my car. He tapped on my window which in result I rolled it down.

"Could I have your number?" He asked. I pulled out my phone and handed to him. He punched in his number and handed it back. I texted him hey and a winky face.

"Ok, is that all?" I asked him.

"See ya later." He smiled. I smiled and pulled out of the parking space and drove home.

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