Reality TV

Bryce Carrey and Hyland Andrews are two totally different girls. When they are asked to be the stars of a hot new reality television show, Young and Hot LA, they both can't believe their luck. But being a celebrity isn't all it's worked up to be. When the girls see that reality is faker than they thought they'll have to push through for everybody even the ones they love.


3. not dating or are we

Chapter 3- Not Dating Or Are We?

Bryce's POV

I plunked down on my couch wrapped in Niall's arms. We had went out almost every night for the past three weeks and it was awesome. Neither of us had labeled anything yet but I'm sure we both felt the same.

"This movie is stupid." Niall said stuffing his face with popcorn.

"Then why'd you put it on?" I asked him laughing. He rolled his eyes at me and then back to the tv.

"It was the only decent movie on." He whined pouting I pecked his lips softly. He smiled and changed the channel.

"It's weird living in LA and seeing the celebs on tv and then when I go to take a jog. Like I saw Harry Styles this morning." I said. Niall nodded not as shocked as I thought he'd be by me seeing the singer/songwriter. "Why are you not totally blown away?!" I asked. Even if Niall had seen and met the celebrity I had he'd least pretend to be amazed.

"I am, really I am. It's just I'm having a pretty bad day." He admits.

"Oh, I'm sorry. What happened?" I asked.

"Another audition and found out I didn't get it. Great right?" He asked running a hand through his hair.

"You're not gonna get everything you try to get. But that doesn't determine what kind of actor you are." I said holding Niall's face in my hands. He stared at me deeply his blue eyes melting my own grey ones.

"You're right, per usual." He said wrapping his arms around my waist. I smiled and pressed my lips to his. He pressed himself closer to me and moaned underneath him.

"I'm always right. It's the café vibe I leave with." I smiled. We made out for awhile and talked about celebrities and school. Niall was perfect by definition.


"You guys are totally dating." My classmate, Gloria, said as I filled her in with how my night went.

"We are not dating or are we?" I asked as I walked to my first class. Since I got out of work at 3:30 I took all afternoon classes which didn't suck as much as morning classes did.

"You totally are. I mean unless you count something like there's another guy. There isn't another guy is there?" Gloria asked

"Nope just him." I said.

"Then you're fine. And by the way tonight a few of us are meeting up at a new bar tonight. It looks amazing and I hear the food is awesome. They have bean bag chairs, bar stools and couches. It's the hottest new place." She said.

"Sounds hot. Maybe I'll swing by."

"It's right off of Mulholland Drive it's called Bar and Grill. Cheesy right?" Gloria giggled.

"Very. Yeah I'll be around." I agreed running to the other side of campus for my French lit class.


"Hey! You're pumpkin spice latte girl!" A young girl with dark brown hair and blonde tips exclaimed. She looked too dressed up to be here for a late night drink and too expensive to be alone. I looked over and she had a dark haired blue eyes man by her side.

"Yeah, sorry do I know you?" I asked her. Her grayish blue eyes dimmed in disappointment.

"I'm Hyland Andrews. I gave you my boss's card for interior design." She said. Then it hit me. I had seen her earlier this week.

"Oh yeah, I didn't think a big time designer like you would drink in a easy access place like this." I complimented. Which wasn't a lie. She looked like a model with her size 0 body and gold strapless mini dress. She wore a pair of gold pumps and her hair was curled down.

"Well I did design this place." She said.

"Wow, really? It's really fun." I said. The man next to her chuckled.

"Fun is Hyland's specialty." He said smiling at her. She blushed and looked at her feet.

"I can see. I'm Bryce." I said.

"Garret." He replied taking a swig of his scotch.

"Nice to meet you both." I smiled. Garret looked at his watch before whispering something in Hyland's ear. She nodded and hugged him softly.

"Sorry, but I have to head out. I hope to see you again soon." Garret said walking away. He waved goodbye and left.

"So are you guys dating?" I snooped.

"Garret and I? Oh God no. Garret has a fiancé." She said drinking her martini.

"Oh. Well where I come from when you come to a bar with a guy that means y'all are together." I said sipping my drink.

"Where I'm from I wouldn't be allowed twenty feet near the closest bar." She laughed to herself.

"Where are you from?" I asked.

"Utah, I moved here a few weeks ago. For school and work." She said.

"No way!? Me too! I'm from Phoenix, though." I said. She smiled

"That's in Arizona right?" She asked

"Uh, yeah." I said. She nodded and looked on to the dance floor. I hadn't realized how many people weren't natives to LA or California in general.

"Um, not to raise any anxiety or anything; But do you see that guy staring at us?" Hyland asked. And like she said there was a tall older man standing in the crowd.

"What should we do?" I ask looking in the opposite direction.

"What do you do when grown men stare at you at a bar? Get them to buy you drinks." She smirked. She flipped her hair over her shoulder and slid gracefully on the bar stool. I followed suit and like clockwork the man walked up to us. He had dirty blonde hair and seemed to be in his late thirties.

"Could I interest you ladies in a drink?" He asked.

"We couldn't, really." Hyland smiled looking over at me.

"Come on, one drink in return I ask for ten minutes of your attention." He bargains.

"So this is a negotiation. Three drinks each and you have five minutes." She says.

"Four drinks and ten minutes."

"Two and three minutes." She says. "Final offer." She adds.

"Fine. Can I get these ladies two dirty martinis each?" He asked the bar tender. "Charge it to Holt. Oliver Holt." He smiled looking at us. I watched as Hyland finished off her drink and tossed it to the side.

"So what do you want?" I asked as the bartender approached with our drinks.

"I'm Oliver Holt the producer of a new reality show called Young and Hot LA. We need two hot, young and relatable girls to star in it." He said watching as we sipped our drinks.

"That's interesting but why us?" Hyland asks. I couldn't help but wonder the same question.

"Well, I couldn't help but overhear your conversation-"

"From all the way across the restaurant?" I questioned in disbelief.

"Ok I was snooping, but I hear you're both from out of town and you both are in school and have jobs. You are both very gorgeous and if I should say. I picture both of you humble girls as the new face of LA. All natural is in, and too naturally hot girls in probably the best thing that's hit LA since… Marilyn Monroe." Oliver said. Hyland looked at me questioningly and to be honest I didn't expect this either.

"Let me get this straight. You want us to star on a tv show about us?" I ask

"Yep, just you being you and even better… you get paid. This is good for everybody. You can go to parties and make new Hollywood friends and you can design your new penthouse-"

"Wait we get a penthouse!?" Hyland asked excited.

"Yep and the pay isn't too bad. Help both of you get through college." He says.

"Um could we have a few days to talk about this. We just met each other and now living together and with us both just moving in to our apartments it's-"

"She's right. It sounds wonderful but there's factors we haven't thought about. We need to discuss privately before we can leap into negotiation. I'm sorry Oliver." Hyland finishes.

"How about this. I'll give you both a week. Give me a call if it's a yes or no and I'll send you both the contracts. Talk to whoever you have to and then get with me." Oliver dug in his coat pocket and handed us both a card. We took it and he left.

"Tell me that wasn't the craziest thing that's ever happened to you." I laughed to Hyland.

"From a little nobody from Utah to the biggest somebody in LA California? Nope never." She laughed. This was life changing. Reality TV the shows people loved to hate? Was it worth a shot?

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