To Kill A Demon (Dean Winchester Love Story)

My sister was killed by a hell hound, I could say it was my fault. My fault that I got killed and that she had to sell her soul to get me back. My father, Carter, is a hunter. He mostly hunts with a guy named John; he left a couple weeks ago saying he was going on a hunt for a werewolf. That was before I knew he wanted me dead. Yellow eyes says that Carter killed my mother, I know he didn't. I also know I'm a monster, there's no questioning it. Sam and Dean Winchester don't know about my powers yet, at least for now. After about a week traveling with them Dean confesses that a medium tall girl with black hair came to the hotel. That someone was supposed to be dead. [BOOK 1]


1. To Kill A Demon

Everything changed the day my best friend was killed. I knew what killed her but no one will believe me. They said I'm delusional I knew I wasn't. It was real. As real as the skin on our body. The only reason I'm alive right now is because it saved me. Saying it had plans for me. I know demons, spirits and that are real. But I would have never guessed he had plans for me. The demon that kills parents in house fires, known as the yellow eyed demon.

(2 Months Later....)

It's been two months, my head is spinning, mind is flooded with endless thoughts. My father left me two ago, without even a single goodbye. He left without even checking if his own daughter was alive. Had it even occurred to him I was still his flesh and blood. It didn't matter if I had these powers. To him I was just another freak. Only two months. Two damn months!

He's not afraid of me, he's afraid of what I can do. The fact I can do inhuman things disturbs him; things that the monsters he hunts do. It took me about a day to figure out this happened two months after her death. Everyone that knows what I can do asks me to do it when they see me. I don't want to, this is used to kill people. People that haven't done anything wrong. It happened in my room the first time, the second in the girls locker room at my college. Soon enough I stopped going to school. Phone calls became more frequent at my house those few weeks. I sat in the corner staring at the phone daring to pick it up every time it rung.

(Two Weeks Earlier.....)

I sat in my room as usual, listening to AC/DC. Classic tunes for someone as lonely as myself. I couldn't complain, I had a roof over my head and food. Some people didn't even have that.

Shadows danced on my walls like a hidden ball. A knock at my door caused me to jump and hide my mp3. My father walked in with a-his fathers-rifle thrown over his shoulder. In his left hand he held a handful of silver shells. Ones I knew almost everytime I've seen them. Silver Bullets mean there is a werewolf problem somewhere. He smiled patting my shoulder, his messy brown hair in his face. "I have to go." He said, "If anyone knocks at the door don't let them in."

"Couldn't I just use my little friend I was blessed with?" I joked snapping my fingers. A cloud of smoke filled the room, a shadow stood in the middle of it. Piercing red eyes glowed through the thick smoke. I crawled farther back on the bed, my father glared at me holding the rifle to his shoulder and pulled the trigger. The smoke disappeared with the "creature sent from hell", with it my breathing. When I woke up, unsure how long I was out, he was gone. With the riffle and handful of silver bullets.

(Present Time...)

I walked around the house grabbing my head, growing bored with each passing moment. Occasionally I would summon him. I'm not going to obey a man that didn't know if I was alive or dead before he left. It was getting harder and harder to summon these beasts. My abilities had to be powered by something and my body knew that much.

After my father took out the beast-leaving myself in a dark abyss. Yellow Eyes appeared in my dream. He said my father wanted me dead. If he wanted me dead he could've killed me when I passed out. Or maybe I died for a couple minutes or several.

Biting my bottom lip I snapped my fingers; he didn't appear. Instead it was the yellow eyed demon holding one of my father's rifles. He smiled warmly examining the shiny weapon, then proceeded grin mischievously, "He doesn't even know if you're alive, doesn't that tell you something?" The demon calmly stated, "He doesn't dare lay a finger on you because he's afraid. Afraid of what you are." I backed into the wall, an ugly blue color wallpaper, shaking my head.

"That's not true..." I swallowed hard sliding towards the kitchen, he appeared beside me. Grasping my arm and shook it slightly.

"He killed her when you were just a little baby, he didn't want her anymore. He wanted to move on." He whispered, he pushed me back into the wall disappearing in a cloud of smoke. I pressed myself against the wall breathing hard. My heart felt as if it were about to explode. I had to get out of this house; I didn't care what that man or demon said. My father would not kill me certainly because of what I am and I know he wouldn't kill mom. My eyes scanned the room to make sure he still wasn't there; I slowly made my way over into the kitchen and grabbed the phone.

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