To Kill A Demon (Dean Winchester Love Story)

My sister was killed by a hell hound, I could say it was my fault. My fault that I got killed and that she had to sell her soul to get me back. My father, Carter, is a hunter. He mostly hunts with a guy named John; he left a couple weeks ago saying he was going on a hunt for a werewolf. That was before I knew he wanted me dead. Yellow eyes says that Carter killed my mother, I know he didn't. I also know I'm a monster, there's no questioning it. Sam and Dean Winchester don't know about my powers yet, at least for now. After about a week traveling with them Dean confesses that a medium tall girl with black hair came to the hotel. That someone was supposed to be dead. [BOOK 1]


2. Chapter 2: Surprise your best friend is dead

He was lying. My father didn't kill her, he loved her dearly. Demons lie, I told myself over and over again. Still debating whether or not to pick up the phone and dial his number. He wasn't going to pick up; he never does. If someone was dying he still wouldn't pick up. Half the time I was 100% sure he never checks his voice mails. Always full, I was only able to see him maybe 4 days out of the month. Lately, he's been home alot more than he should. Like he was worried about something.

No matter what the man did he always looked after me. Up until that very second.

Then it was like I wasn't even his own daughter. He treated me like something that goes bump in the night. At least not everyone doesn't treat me like he does.

Sami, my best friend, said he was just parinoid. She was the only one that knew his true job. We've know each other since 2nd grade. I was supposed to go work for the police department but never did. After my friends death I couldn't handle anything.

I almost jumped out of my skin when the phone rang, vibrating my hand that rested upon it. "H-H-Hello?" I stuttered; panic breathing came from the other line. Sobbing sounds in the background. "Sami?"

"You have to get down here right now.." It was Sami's father, his voice was sadden. I hung up the phone going for my coat; outside sat my old black mustang. My father got it for me on my 17th birthday. Felt like forever since then.


I pulled around the block corner to Sami's house, ingulfed in flames. Her father stood by the ambulance holding his head in his arms. Once he caught sight of me he grabbed a book beside him and walked over to my car. I slammed the door running up to him, "Where's your father?" The worried male demanded, he shook the book violently in front of my face.

"Where's Sami?" I questioned panicked; he looked down dried up tears stained his face. I grabbed his shoulders, "Where is she?" He pushed the girl away from him angrily.

"This is all your fault, you and your father possessed my daughter with that ghost shit!" He growled slamming the bright colored book on the hood of the mustang. I picked it up examining the pages that were burnt.

"She was in that fire, just like Jess....." I mumbled shutting the book. The man picked me up by my shirt collar.

"Tell me what the hell is going on, Sami and my wife were killed in there!" He scrunched the fabric of her shirt in his fist. I shook my head sighing restlessly.

"You don't want to know the truth."

"Try me." He dropped the girl carelessly, "There was a man in Sam's room, when my wife walked in there it bursted into flames. The police say it's a gas leak." I leaned against my car; arms crossed.

"I can't exactly tell you here, all I can say it's hell of alot more deadly than a gas leak." I silently got back into the car, "You coming?" He shot me a warning look.

"I don't know what you and your father are hiding but I'm sure as hell am going to find who did this."

I turned my head looking out the window as I turned the car, "No you're not...." I scoffed.

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