Dial of Chance (Louistomlinson love story)


5. Perfect Date With Louis

McKenna's POV

So today is my date with Louis, I wonder where he's taking me tonight. Well I guess I will have to wait till 6 tonight, I got up and went downstairs to find Sofi stuffing her face with Chips. I just shook my head "what"?!she said "you and your food" I said. "Hey I'm not as bad as Niall is with food".she said crossing her arms,"umm once I took your food and you almost bit my arm off". I said she was about to say something but closed her mouth I smirked "I won this" I said confidently she pouted "it's not my fault you love food" I said. "True that" she said "I love my food though" she said. "Everyone knows that" I said. She looked defeated I laughed. "So I have a date with Louis" I said, Her eyes widened omg Micky (that's what they call me sometimes) "I'm so happy for you where is he taking you" she said in all breath. "Thanks and idk he said to wear something casual and that it's a surprise". I said she nodded "so he's picking me up at 6 tonight" I said "nice" she said, " he likes you" she said out of the blue. "Umm NO NO HE DOESN'T" I said. "Yes he does" she said seriously ."whatever you say"I said I looked at the clock and saw it was 4 pm. "Omg I have 2 hours to get ready for my date with Lou" I smiled then I bolted up the stairs accidentally running smack into Rylee knocking me too the ground "omg I'm sorry" I just burst into hysterics it was so funny, then Rylee jumped on me stop laughing! She said trying not to laugh too. But it only made me laugh harder, then Stella came up stairs and looked at strangely, and then she burst out laughing then I finally stopped laughing, and was like "okay I gotta go get ready" I said getting up okay good luck with Louis tonight no funny business though" Sofi scolded playfully like my mom "yes mother" I said everyone laughed. I just shook my head then I went into my room, picked up my clothes for tonight, then went to take a shower. I got out of the shower, put on my outfit, then I dried my hair and decided to just brush it, then leave it natural, after that I put some mascara on, and that was it I grabbed my iPhone, and checked the time and it was 5:30 pm. I decided to go downstairs and chilax for a bit. I got downstairs and found Dianne and Niall making out on the sofa. "GUYS GET A ROOM"!! I said they quickly pulled away blushing, I giggled "IM HUNGRYYYY"!! Niall whined "Then go get something"!!. I said his eyes lit up and he jumped up and sprinted into the kitchen for food. I shook my head that boy and his food, idek how he eats so much but never gets fat I thought, Oh well then, I sat on the sofa beside Dianne and was like, so Wanna tell me what's going on with you and Nialler I asked. "He asked me to be his girlfriend and I said yes" she said blushing "awwweeeee"!! I cooed Niall came back with a bag of chips I stole one then that's when, all heck broke loose. "GIVE ME BACK MY CHIP"!!! Niall yelled getting red in the face. I laughed and said "nope"! Dianne's eyes widened "did you just take his food" I nodded. Niall got up and chased me, he caught up to me and started tickling me and I burst out laughing. "stop"!! I yelled while laughing. Then he stopped and got up. I quickly ate the chip and got up, then I checked the time and it was 6 , and I heard a honk outside. I smiled and said "Louis is here"!! I said "good luck" they all shouted "thanks"! I opened the door, and there stood Louis he was wearing a red and white Adidas shirt, with tight tight tight black pants, with his checkered vans, and he had a SnapBack on backwards again. I smiled "Hello Beautiful" he said I smiled "Hi handsome" I said "ready to go"he asked me. I nodded he lead me outside to his red range rover, he opened my door for me "thanks" I said "no problem cutie" he said. I blushed he shut my door then got in on his side. We started driving and then we pulled up to this trampoline gym. I smiled Louis got out and came around my side and opened my door again, he took my hand and lead me inside we got inside and he paid we took off our shoes and started jumping I ran and jumped into the foem pit and he laughed and jumped in with me, then I was trying to get out but was struggling a lot then he got out then stuck his hand out in grabbed it and he pulled me out, thanks I said (:xx then we started doing backflips and we both just started jumping around like idiots then we decided to go. After we left we went to Nando's and ate there then we left and went to the beach I took off my shoes and socks then we ran to the beach we played around then Louis stopped and I stopped then he stared into my eyes and smiled then he started leaning in omg he's gonna kiss me I thought in my head then I felt his soft lips on mine and bombs when off and he smiled into the kiss I smiled back then it started raining and he picked me up bridal style still kissing me then he pulled away and smiled McKenna will you be my girlfriend he asked me YES!! I said and kissed him he smiled and pulled away then he took me to the car and we drove home and we went to his flat and went inside we went into the living room and all the boys and the girls were sitting there Sofi was sitting in Harry's lap Rylee was sitting in Liam's lap, and everyone was together could life get any better hey Micky we are staying the night over here so brought you some extra clothes she said thanks(:xx I grabbed the bag and turned to Louis his long hair was dripping wet hey Lou I said yeah? He asked can you show me the bathroom so I can get changed i asked sure he said he took my hand and lead me up the stairs he came to a bathroom and said here ya go he said while smiling thanks I said I went in and changed into some sweat pants and a tank top then I found Louis' hoodie so I put it on then I walked out the bathroom and into the living room Louis came up to me and he changed too anyway he saw me and was like is that my hoodie he asked yup I said it looks better on you than me he said thanks(:xx I yawned tired he asked I nodded hey guys we are gonna go to bed he said okay they all said he picked me up and Carried me upstairs then laid me on his bed then got In next to me I snuggled into his chest and then fell asleep after Louis kissed my cheek i heart him singing you and I softly and that was the last thing i heard before drifting off to sleep into a dream about Louis (:xx


Hey guys so thanks for 101 reads and btw leave a comment saying which of the 1D boys or 5sos boys you would like to go to a trampoline gym with!!! For 1D I would go with Louis and for 5sos I'd go with Ashton (:xx smiley face hats for life(:xx 1D family forever






-Makayla please Read vote and comment

(:xx (:xx (:xx

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