Dial of Chance (Louistomlinson love story)


4. Not a chapter authors note!!

(A/n Hey I hope y'all liked Chapter 3 I see I got 84 reads and 11 votes thanks btw so let's review again chapter 1 McKenna prank called Louis but didn't know it and instead of telling McKenna who he really was he decided to get her to meet up with him, chapter 2 McKenna meets Louis and finds out that she prank called LOUIS TOMLINSON from one direction then Louis takes McKenna and her friends to meet the rest, and chapter 3 Rylee reunites with Zayn, and the others meet 1D and 5sos they also meet Calum's little sister Rhea and become best friends with her then Louis asked McKenna on a date where do you think he will take her where do you think Harry will take Sofi on her date, where do you think Niall will Take Dianne on her date and where do you think the others will go on their date comment where you think they will go(:xx anyway I enjoy writing this book the more reads votes and positive comments I get the more I'm gonna want to update ps if you get this story to at least 50 votes I will make a imagine for you just keep reading voting and commenting I love y'all and as you can see I changed my username twice It was thetommosbaby then it was thetommoslover77 now it's back to thetommosbaby(:xx anyway I'm glad I put y'all in my story cuz I wouldn't be able to find anybody else thanks for helping me out with the title and stuff and I will be on Instagram a lot cuz it's my life btw who thinks Zac Efron is hot comment if you think so also if you have a twitter please follow me on there my username is @Makkluves1D I just tweet random things but to me they are kind of amusing. Also I might keep making 1D imagines cuz I just love writing on here it's become sort of a hobby for me anyway gotta go write chapter 4 please read,vote,and comment and answer the question of the day please bye(:xxx 1D family forever <3 <3<3 -Makayla Dial of Chance is gonna have so many chapters and I will be writing 2 chapters per day:)

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