Dial of Chance (Louistomlinson love story)


11. Hide and Go Seek

Hey guys well I'm already writing chapter 7, can't believe it it's just amazayn, the other day I started this book the other day for y'all, and because I was bored and this has became a hobby I decided to make this book at least 30 chapters what do you think??!! Anyway enjoy Read,vote and comment more please!!!!!!!!!! (:xx (:xx (:xx


Louis' POV

I woke up around 9:30am, I looked down and saw McKenna snuggled up to me sleeping with a smile on her face, I decided to let her sleep in because, 1 she needed sleep, and 2 she looks so adorable sleeping, so I got up quietly and went downstairs, when I got there I saw Dianne and Niall stuffing their faces with breakfast, I just chuckled. "So Louis what are we doing today??" Asked Dianne "i don't know" I replied soon Stella came downstairs half asleep, "Good morning" I greeted "Hey" she said "well good morning to you to" i said she just shrugged suddenly we heard footsteps running downstairs and soon Zayn appeared with whipped cream in his hair. We all burst out laughing he didn't even notice yet, "what?!" He asked us confused "go look in the mirror" i said Niall had fallen off the stool and was laughing really hard his face was bright red, how does he breath through all that laughter I thought well he can eat food and not gain weight which that question is still unanswered, anyway we heard a scream which we assumed was Zayn "AHHHHH WHO MESSED UP MY PRECIOUS HAIR!!" Zayn screamed we just burst out laughing Niall laughing the hardest, then Harry came downstairs grinning "you did that" I asked he nodded "three words haz" I said "you better run" I said and Harry bolted I the kitchen and hid in the cabinets,. Soon Zayn came down without the whipped cream in his hair, "where is that retard" he asked "HEY NOBODY MESSES WITH MY HAZZA BUT ME!!" I shouted then Harry came out and walked over to me, he hugged me and I calmed down. Then around 10:30 am McKenna came downstairs I went up to her, picked her and said "Hey sleeping beauty" she smiled and said "hey Lou" I smiled and kisses her cheek, and I went over to the sofa and sat down with McKenna in my arms. I set her on my lap, and she buried her face in my chest and I smiled wrapping my arms around her, then she looked up at me and said "what are we going today" she asked "idk that's up to daddy direction who is on the couch playing with his woody doll" I said she looked over at Liam and laughed, he was sitting on the sofa playing with woody, then McKenna whispered "sometimes I wonder who daddy direction is" she said and I laughed. Then I had the BEST idea "Hey we should play hide and go seek" i said excitedly everyone laughed and said "yessssssss". "So whose it??" I asked we all looked at each other "1 2 3 NOT IT!!" We all shouted except me. "Yay I will count to 30 and y'all go hide" I said I turned around and began counting.

McKenna's POV

We are playing hide and go seek, and Louis is it now I just have to find a place to hide, I then decided to decided to be a bit mischievous, and hide in the cabinets by the refrigerator, luckily I am small so I was able to fit, i decided to leave the door cracked a little, I saw Niall come into the kitchen, and I smirked he opened the fridge then I decided to make it seem like the fridge is talking to him. "Hello eat me eat me!!" I said in a high pitched voice "AHHHHH YOU CAN TALK??" Niall asked scared/confused "Yup you didn't know and you have been getting food from me every 2 seconds" I said again Niall backed up from the fridge with a scared expression, I quietly giggled "LOUIS THE FRIDGE TALKS!!!" Niall screamed Louis came running in the fridge with expression like what the heck?! ._. "LOUIS THE FRIDGE IT.TALKED TO ME!!!!" Niall shouted "Eat me eat me" I said "wait a second" Louis said walking towards the cabinets he opened mine and "BOO!!" I shouted "AHHHHHHH" Louis and Niall screamed and I got out and burst out laughing then ran away. Louis started chasing me and apparently he found all the others cuz they were sitting on the sofa, laughing as Louis and a Niall chased me, Louis caught up to me and he picked me up and he took my arms and Niall took me feet and they carried me to the middle of the living room, they set me down on the floor and started tickling me and I burst out laughing "STOP!! AHHHHHH HAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAAH STOP L-L-LOUIS, N-N-NIALL!!!!" I screamed through my laughter then they finally stopped. I got up and sat down on the sofa and then I looked around me, at my new family and friends.(:xx(:xx


Well chapter 7 down already hope you like it, I think i like this chapter better, laugh out loud Niall, anyway please read,comment, and vote pleassseeeee(:xx especially comment a lot more(:xx 1D FAMILY FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!<3<3<3<3

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