Dial of Chance (Louistomlinson love story)

McKenna invites her 7 best friends over for a sleepover and at the sleepover they all decide to make random prank calls by dialing random numbers but one of the prank calls she dials a British accent answers and it's A certain 1D band member but he doesn't tell her instead he tells her to meet him at Starbucks and when McKenna meets him she is really shocked what will happen which band member did she prank call?! Read to find out;)


1. The Prank Call

Hi there I decided to write a 1D fanfic called Dial of Chance I hope y'all like it read,vote,and comment please:) follow McKenna and her 5 best friends journey as you read:)


McKenna's POV

Hey Sofi do you and the other girls wanna come over for a sleepover?! I asked Sofi over the phone, "Sure"!! She said excitedly I will text the others she said k thanks I said smiling "bye"!:) she said and hung up, I went upstairs to change into some comfy clothes I went into my 1D bed room that has posters covering my whole room no space left on my walls at all, my 1D merch is lined up on my shelves, and I have 1D posters covering my doors and inside my walk in closet there is more posters and merchandise I grabbed some comfy clothes from my closet I stripped down then put on some red sweatpants that way "The Tommo's Girl" in blue with a dark blue tank top that says Mrs.Tomlinson on it in red letters i then put a 1D hoodie on I then tied my long wavy hair into a pony tale, then I grabbed my silver iPhone 5s and walked downstairs just as the door bell rang. I smiled a walked to the door I opened it and there stood my 6 best friends Sofi, Rylee , Dianne, Vanshika, Stella and Erica they all smiled "Hey girls" I said and was pulled into a group hug, we all pulled away I told the girls to go sit in the living room I went into the living room and grabbed some snacks and went back into the living room I set all the soda and snacks on the coffee table. So what do you guys wanna do I asked them they shrugged how about we do prank calls suggested Rylee , okay!! I said excitedly and all I didn't know was that this prank call was gonna change my life forever, I grabbed my phone and we decided to dial 118-118 like Louis and Harry ;) We put *67 and I dialed the number I pressed call and someone answered "Hello"? The voice said "Hello" I would like to Order something for a friend but I'm not sure of his first name, I said "Do you have a ser name"? Asked the person ah yes it's Terrrrrrance I said trying not to laugh can you spell that? Ah yes it's T its e it's r it's r it's r it's r it's r- "how many R's are there" the person said cutting me off 6 I said and me and the girls cracked up, okay and what about the address 23 mouse street I said "mouse street"? No house I said "house"?, no mouse I said and hung up after I hung up me and the girls burst out laughing, I then dialed another random number I pressed call and a the person answered "Ello"? A British accent said Hello? Is your refrigerator running? I asked them "Ummm no"? He said then you need to catch it I said and burst out laughing he started laughing as well "so who is this anyway" he asked McKenna I said "nice name" he said who are you?! I asked there was a pause at the other end... "My name is...Louis" he said kool I said "Listen" he said "you seem really kool can you meet me at Starbucks tomorrow around 10 am"? he asked s-sure I said unsurely "okay umm I will text you if you don't mind" he said no I don't mind I said "bye love" he said bye:) and I hung up I looked at the girls who had confused looks on their faces what.just.happened"?! i asked "i don't know" Sofi said well I have to meet him tomorrow anyway I said they nodded so "what do we do now" Rylee said "guys I need to tell you something" Rylee said k we said "so you know Zayn Malik right"? she asked nervously yes I said "well you might not believe me but me and zayn are best friends we've been best friends since pre-school" she said seriously we all gasped in shock. Are.You.Serious?!?!? I asked She nodded "I have his number" she said my eyes widened omg we all said at the same time that's so kool!!!!!! I said so now that that's out of the way we should go to sleep I said "k" they said we got some blankets and pillows and put them all over the floor and we made pallets and me and Rylee shared one Sofi and Dianne shared one Vanshika and Erica shared one and Stella had one to herself lucky bish! I thought lol anyway we said goodnight and fell asleep and that was the last night of my normal life.

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