The Kid Next Door

There's a new kid in town who happens to be Austin Mahone but, what happens when they become closer than friends and Lexi's close friend Zach comes back to see her to tell her that he likes her AND her best guy friend likes her who will she choose. What if whoever she chooses is the wrong one and she can't go back


7. Zach Attack

Lexi: OMG ZACH! I haven't seen you in forever!

I hugged him as he hugged me tight I never wanted to let go and I started crying some. At that time Austin never crossed my mind for a minute

I pulled back and let him in the house. I still can't believe he's back after 4 years almost 5.

Lexi: so why are you back. It's been almost 5 years

Zach: ever since I moved in during the summer if 5th grade I was always thinking about you. I didn't want to move but I had to.

Lexi: so how are your brothers

Zach: Jacob is fine he's a black belt in karate and Ryan playing hockey for his schools team

Lexi: so a lot has changed since I left

Zach: ya. I still miss that smile when we would hang out and go skating and bike riding. You were like a sister to me

Lexi: and you were like a brother to me. I missed you a lot

Zach: I missed you so much that sometimes I would cry myself to sleep thinking about you. I didn't think I was going to see you again

Lexi: aww

I smiled a little and he took my hand and put it in his and hand and touched his forehead against mine and he started crying softly which made me cry

Zach: i missed you so so much. I don't ever want to leave you again

Lexi: I missed you too

He stopped crying and wiped off his tears and put his hand to my face and wiped off mine. We stood there with one of his hand on face and his other and my hands on his chest. Looking into each others eyes.

Just then Austin yelled down


Zach looked at me confused and shocked. He was about to say something but I put my finger to tell him to wait.



I looked back at Zach. There was a sad look in his eyes like he had just had his heart broken

Lexi: That was Austin. He is ONLY my friend. I've known his for since he moved here. So about..... 2 months

A look of relief came over his face and he smiled some. I know I left out the part about Austin liking me, but I didn't want to tell him he gets very protective and he would be heart broken

Lexi: let's head upstairs

Zach: ok

We walked upstairs and he was behind me. When we walked in my room Austin looked away from the tv and glanced from Zach to me. He had a mad and a confused look on his face.

Austin: So..... Who's your boyfriend

He gave a fake smile and looked at me. I knew for sure he was mad.

There was a long awkward pause and they both just looked at me. Waiting for me to say something

Lexi: listen I'm not he's not my boyfriend and I'm not his girlfriend.

Zach: not yet you aren't

He said it in a low whispering voice. I heard what he said and gave him a look for him to stop. That shut him right up.

Austin slowly turned his head toward him with a shocked look on his face like someone had slapped him

Austin: what. Did. You. Say?

Zach: I didn't say anything....

Austin: I heard you say something....

Zach: I didn't say anything

Austin got up and stood right in front of Zach and looked him dead in the eye

Austin: WHAT. DID. YOU. SAY!

Zach looked over at me I was really worried about what could happen. I guess he saw that, he suddenly had not confidence and he turned back to Austin and looked him in his eyes

Zach: what I said was, she isn't my girlfriend... YET

I saw the look in Austin's eyes, it was a dark, scary, fierce look. Like he was ready to fight.

Austin: you are a goner

He gave Zach a slight push on ever word he saidand backed him up into my desk

I then realized this was going to get real ugly

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