The Kid Next Door

There's a new kid in town who happens to be Austin Mahone but, what happens when they become closer than friends and Lexi's close friend Zach comes back to see her to tell her that he likes her AND her best guy friend likes her who will she choose. What if whoever she chooses is the wrong one and she can't go back


3. Tour


I woke up to the sound of my alarm. I turned over to realize it was 10am and I still had 2 hours till I met Austin. I got out of the bed and turned my alarm off. I walked over to my closet and Choose out and outfit for today. I hurried up ad took a 5 minute shower blow dried my hair got dressed and curled my hair and headed downstairs.

Lexi: hey mom

Lexi's mom: hi honey. There are some pancakes in the microwave if you want some.

Lexi: ok that's fine I'm just going to eat some cereal

I go over to the pantry and grab the fruit loops and go to the cabinet and grab a bowl and sit down at the table and eat my cereal


Lexi's mom: Lexi can u get the door

Lexi: ya sure

I get up from the kitchen table and walk over to the front door and open it and in front of me is Austin Mahone

Austin: Hey you ready to go bike riding

Lexi: ya let me clean up the table. You can come inside if you want and wait for me

Austin: ok

I let him in the house and close the front door and walk over to the kitchen table with Austin slowly trailing behind me

Lexi: Hey mom Austin is here he's waiting for me so we can go bike riding

Lexi's mom: ok just be back before it gets dark so around 6:00 you need to be heading home

Lexi: ok I will

I take my bowl over to the sink and rinse it out and put it in the dishwasher. I run up to my room and grab my phone and my brown sling purse and I head downstairs to get Austin who's looking at the pictures on the wall

Lexi: hey you ready to go Mahone

Austin: ya lets go

We head out the garage door and I grab my bike and walk it down the the end of the street

Austin: hey I need to get my bike

Lexi: ok

He runs over to his house and he grabs his bike jumps on it and rides over to my house stopping in front of me

Austin: ready to go

Lexi: ya

I get on my bike and ride to the middle of the street and Austin and I keep riding in circles

Lexi: where do you want to go first? We can ride through the neighborhood to get to the high school

Austin: ok

We stop riding in circles and ride to the end of the street and head to the school


Lexi: Ok this is the high school and down there to the left is the middle school

Austin: ok

Lexi: we can put our bikes in the bike rack by the schools front doors

We walk over to the front doors and put our bikes on the bike rack. We walk over and sit down at the benches

Lexi: ok so a little bit diagonal from the front doors is the football stadium and at the middle school is the track. There are no busses to take us home cause we would hav to wait an hour to get in the busses and head home. So I ride my bike

Austin: ok so I can ride my bike home with you. What about in the mornings

Lexi: in the mornings I usually ride the bus

Austin: ok. So we don't really know each other so tell me about yourself

Lexi: ok. Well I'm 14 and turning 15 soon. My favorite sports are volleyball as basketball, my dad cheated on my mom and he thought that we wouldn't know if he had a girlfriend. So he left when I was in 5th grade. I have a younger brother he's in 5th grade and, music has been apart of my life an has helped me a lot through the hard times. And my favorite colors are red, light blue and purple

Austin: Wow. My dad died when I was really young. I'm 15, my favorite sport in basketball and my favorite color is red. And music is also a big part if my life, I post on YouTube also and hope to become famous one day

Lexi: cool

Austin: it's almost 1:30 so do you want to go get some lunch

Lexi: ya sure

Austin: Mc.Donald's is down the street if you want to go there

Lexi: sure

We get our bikes get on and head to Mc. Donald's


Austin: we can put our bike in the rack on the side

Lexi: ok

We put our bikes in the rack and go in side to order

Austin: We can get a 20 piece mc nugget and fries and split it and then get separate drinks

Lexi: ok

He orders the food and pays for it and hands me a cup for my drink. I walk over to the drink machine get sprite and head to the table where Austin is and sit down

Austin: I got ranch and ketchup just in case if you wanted any

Lexi: ketchup will be fine

Austin: ok

He hands me the ketchup and get a napkin and grab a couple of chicken nuggets and start eating.

We finish up and throw away the trash that's left and we are about to head out the door when a little girl comes up to Austin with her mom

Little girl: Are you Austin Mahone?!

Austin: yes I am

He smiles and bends down the her height

Little girl: can I take a picture with you?

Austin: ya sure of coarse

He gets down on his knees and and holds her at he waist and her mom takes the picture and he stands up an hugs the girl and is about to head out the door

Girls mom: are you two dating

Austin and Lexi: NOOO

Girls mom: oh you looked like you were you two would make a good couple

She smiles and walks away with her daughter. Austin and I stand there shocked looking at each other

Austin: maybe we should go

Lexi: ya let's go

We go outside and get on our bikes and head back home in silence


We ride up on my drive way as put our bikes in the grass and head to my backyard and sit on the swing on the deck.

Austin: so um about what that lady said when we were at Mc. Donald's about us dating...

Lexi: Austin you just moved here yesterday and I hardly know you and I don't think I would be a good idea just for right now

Austin: I know I was just thinking on the way back if we were to um... You know start dating..., what would our in ship name be.....

Lexi: I don't know. Maybe Ausxi...?

Austin: or Lexstin

Lexi: ya that sounds a lot better than Ausxi

We don't really talk for about 2 minutes until he moves his hand on top of mine and holds it

Austin: Lexi I know it's only been like a day since I met you but I like you. And I know we just met and everything but I really want to be closer to you so maybe if we are really good friends or best friends or something..........

Lexi: I-I I don't know w-what to say...

Austin: I know we just met and it may be a lot to handle so just think about it and I'll see you on Monday...

He let's leans over and kisses me on my cheek, let's go of my hand and walks away to his house

I sit there for a while thinking and I get up and walk over to the front yard and put my bike in the garage and go inside to my room

Lexi: (in whispering voice) I can't believe this is happening to me the one and only Austin Mahone likes me

I lay on my bed thinking I have feelings for Austin but If I say yes to being close friends my whole life will be changed.

I lay there the rest of the night thinking what if and the possibilities of what could happen

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