The Kid Next Door

There's a new kid in town who happens to be Austin Mahone but, what happens when they become closer than friends and Lexi's close friend Zach comes back to see her to tell her that he likes her AND her best guy friend likes her who will she choose. What if whoever she chooses is the wrong one and she can't go back


5. Revenge

We are standing Right up against each other ready to fight until Austin just HAD to break it up

Austin: ok guys stop unless you want to be suspended

Abby: Whatever nobody wants to fight a loser

She starts walking away but I just needed to get this out

Lexi: Oh really a loser?! You don't know what's coming for you

I walk past her and head to class as I'm waking I turn back to see her red in her cheeks and holding her hand in a fist I turn my head back and keep walking forward. Just then Austin comes running up by my side

Austin: what was that about

Lexi: She lives on our street and she hates me. We used to be friends but she changed. Her friends have bullied me since first grade till now

Austin: oh well have you told anyone

Lexi: no I don't tell personal things to anyone really except for some people who I trust a lot

Austin: oh

We walk to class the rest of the way in silence and try to walk in the room without the teacher seeing us

Mr. Layman: you two are late. Why

Lexi: I was showing Austin around since he's new to the school

Mr. Layman: ok welcome to the school Austin. Do to have passes

Austin and I up to him and hand him our passes and sit in the back next to each other.

Mr. Layman: we will be switching classes in 10 minutes so you are free to talk.

Kids turn and talk to each other and soon it gets loud

Austin: so where do we go after this

Lexi: we go to cooking then English and after study hall, then we have lunch and after math. Then we have math and American history the chemistry and our last class will be music

Austin: ok

Right then some of my friends come up next to me

Alex: so do you want to introduce us to your new friend Lexi.

Lexi: guys this is Austin he just moved here. Austin these are my best friends Alex and Donna and my friends Catherine, Rebecca, Gwen, Ava, Alanna, Haley, Hannah and Francesca

Austin: Hey

Francesca: I think I've seen you before

Austin: ok

Francesca: your that kid on YouTube who sings. Your really good at it

Austin: thanks

The bell rings and we switch our classes. The day is the same Austin introduces himself to the teachers and sits next to me. At lunch we sit next to my friends and the second half of the school day goes the same

I'm at my locker getting ready to leave when Austin comes up to me

Austin: hey

Lexi: hey

Austin: do you want to walk home today so we don't have to wait another hour for the middle school

Lexi: sure

Just then 3 of my guy friends walk past me to there lockers

Spencer and Nick: Sup Peggy

Max: Hey po po

I laugh at the mad close my locker

Lexi: Hey guys

I put my bag on my shoulder and walk out the school doors with Austin to go home

Austin: why do they call you Peggy and Po Po

Lexi: it's a long story it was from middle school

Austin: well I want to here it we are walking home

Lexi: ok. The story how I got the nickname Peggy was from 6th grade. We were reading this book in English and it had the name Peggy in it and it was really annoying to me so Spencer and Nick started calling me that along with some if there friends

Austin: but isn't that bullying

Lexi: no a teacher thought that too but we had to explain it to her that it wasn't. They were just playing around and having fun they even told me that

Austin: so how did you get the name Po Po

Lexi: it actually stands for police so it's the sound of the first two letters in the words POlice so it has a long O sound. But it was a name used in a movie by I can't remember which one it was but I showed it to Max and Colin and they started calling me that just for fun, cause I know they were playing. But that was in 7th grade

Austin: wow it seams like you have a lot of friends

Lexi: ya I've known some of them for a long time. Like Francesca I've known her since 2nd grade. I know a LOT of people

Austin: wow. You are quite the celebrity

I laugh as we walk up to my house

Lexi: ya right

Austin: you want to come over. I was going to do a U Stream

Lexi: ya sure let me put my bag in my house and I'll head over

Austin: ok

I walk inside my house and Austin walks into his. I unlock the front door and put my bag in the family room and take out my phone. I look to see if I got and texts. I did get one but from a blocked number. It said;

Get away from Austin or else I will ruin your life like you did to me. And if I were you I would Watch your back. You don't know what's coming for you

My jaw drops at the sight of reading this


I slowly go over to the door and open it but no one is there just as I'm about to close the door I look down and see a red envelope and pick it up and open it. Inside is a white piece of paper, written in pen it says:

Watch your back Lexi Miller. Watch. Your. Back.

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