Friendship At First SITE

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  • Published: 18 Aug 2014
  • Updated: 18 Aug 2014
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Two people. Two computers. One Friendship.

Tess receives a simple message online from a boy named Alex. Little do they both know, this message is the start of an amazing friendship.


2. Chapter Two

Alex: Hey, are you online?

Tess: duhhhh. That’s why it says online

Alex: I was just making sure!!

Tess: By the way im doing stupid homework so I need to go for now. Byeeee

Alex: enjoy!!


Tess has logged off.


Tess: Hi I’m back. I hate homework so much

Alex: I don’t mind it

Tess: are you serious? You’re not one of them are you?

Alex: one of who?

Tess: Ughhhh one of the people who always do their homework and is completely and utterly perfect

Alex: No!!!! I just said I don’t mind homework. Theres nothing wrong with that

Tess: right… well I hate it

Alex: I can tell

Tess: I have to go its really late

Alex: what time is it where you are?

Tess: 2:50am, I never sleep that much but i survive. What about you? what time is it wherever you are?

Alex: 9:50pm

Tess: Really?? Where are you?

Alex: New york. You’re from England im guessing?

Tess: Yeah. Ughh this sucks. This means that we will never get to meet

Alex: oh yeah. I wish we could. You seem really cool.

Tess: DUDE. Seem? I am really cool. You have yet to get to know me Alex

Alex: oh god.

Tess: Mwahaha.

Tess: I’m going to bed. Byee!!

Alex: goodnight


Tess has logged off


Tess: I don’t know what time it is there but I don’t care. Today I had the WORST day back at school. This cow named Kelly broke my new bag which cost £25 and now I have to use my old one. I hate her so much. I just want summer back

Tess: Alexxxxx where are you? I sent that message 10 minutes ago

Tess: I take in your in school



Alex has logged on


Alex: I WAS IN SCHOOL. It was 11am for me when you messaged me

Tess: Really? It was 4pm for me. Time difference sucks

Alex: Okay so bitch away about this Kelsey girl

Tess: It’s Kelly but who cares

Tess: She’s always horrible to me and everyone. She says she broke my bag on ‘accident’ but how does somebody break a bag on accident? Ugh I wanna punch her in the face so bad

Alex: I swear girls are like way more violent then boys

Tess: Not true. A girl would threaten to punch somebody. A boy would actually punch somebody.

Alex: Fact: I, a boy, have never punched anyone. But I’ve seen girls do it

Tess: Sure… whatever you say

Tess: I have to go, my mum’s nagging me to go to bed

Alex: Can’t you ask ur mom to let you stay on longer?

Tess: my MUM won’t let me she’s so stubborn. We’ll have to find a time we can both talk. But so long for now

Alex: Bye Tess


Tess has logged off


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